LASTAR Portable 1.8.2      

Size:   10.1MB

License:   FREEWARE

Publisher:  Publisher | Listed Programs

Release Date:   2019-04-23

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OS:  Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10

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Software Product Description

LASTAR is a non-interactive audio editor which allows, by analyzing audio content, to automatically normalize average loudness (RMS amplification+L/R balancing) and split a batch of audio files (wav or mp3).


  • wav or mp3 input,
  • wav or 192 kb/s mp3 output
  • Design to process large files (several Go)
  • Automatic file analysis to set up the best parameters
  • RMS Amplifier with fast lookahead limiter to prevent clipping
  • Left/right channel automated balancing
  • Transparent and fast 3 bands processing (using FIR implemented by multi-threaded FFT convolution)
  • Automated amplifier gain adjustement and noise estimation for file splitting
  • Smooth automatic gain control (AGC) to compress dynamic without "pumping" effect
  • English or French GUI
  • Comes with a simple user guide