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Reviewed on January 03, 2019

Creating and editing sound effects is made surprisingly easy with LabChirp

A small, portable application, LabChirp enables you to develop very unique sound effects and to edit sound effects using basic audio parameters and more. Start with the defaults and graduate to creating custom waveforms, envelopes, and frequencies, and more intricate randomizing and mutating within eight individually editable channels. And add cool effects.

Finding your way around the LabChirp interface

Download and launch LabChirp and you'll find buttons for the eight available channels at the right-hand side of the interface. Everything you need to get started is in the 'Wave' tab window. The only other tab is 'Effects.' Simply put, you use the parameters in the Wave tab to create output for each of the channels you want to use, and combined they generate the sound you have created.

You check the box for the channel you want to work on and click the numbered button to begin. You use the sliders in the Wave tab window to define the channel's output. The setting - Hz or seconds - for the length of is displayed in the box at the top of the window, along with the delay.

Beneath the Length and Delay settings, you'll find the Main Wave, Frequency Modulation and Volume Modulation sliders.

Create sound effects in LabChirp with the three basic waves

The three waves have different roles to play:

  • The Main Wave is the basic sound
  • Frequency Modulation vibrates the pitch determining the speed of repetition
  • Volume Modulation adjusts the volume determining the strength of the wave

Each is defined using the frequency and volume/amplitude sliders. The waveform sliders, to the right of the three, create the shape of the wave selected from the eight different waveform options including a custom option. The slider below the selector adjusts the offset.

The envelope editor, below the sliders, controls a parameter over time, i.e. increase frequency at start and end points, lower volume to fade out, etc.

Clicking the Mutator and Randomizer buttons will bring up the relevant control windows.

The playback button at lower right, beneath the Wave tab window, plays your sound. The wave is displayed to the left of it.

Adding effects

When you are ready to further edit sound effects, the Effects tab brings up the Effects window. At the top of the window, you'll find an Add Effect button and a checkbox allows you to apply the edited effect to all channels. The sound effects you select are added as panels to the window. They are complete with sliders to adjust their individual parameters. The effect's name is displayed at the top of each panel and it can be collapsed, enabled, moved or removed with the tools found in the name bar. At right within the panel, the eight channel checkboxes are available to be checked if you are not applying the effect to all channels.

Available effects are:

  • Echo
  • Reverb
  • Overdrive
  • Flanger
  • Chord
  • Bitcrusher

Preparing and saving the file when you create sound effects

The quality tab on the menu bar provides your options for finalizing your wave file. You select the sample rate and bit depth for sound fidelity and resolution respectively, trim and dither the wave and oversample to improve the sound quality.

Settings are accessed under the Edit tab. The resulting window has two tabs - General, where you can adjust dithering, trimming and oversampling parameters, and Appearance, where defaults for the envelope display can be changed.

Save and Batch Save are accessed as usual under the File tab. Save dialog panels are also available from other panels and keyboard shortcuts are available both for saving your files and for many other functions.

LabChirp is a very comprehensive program enabling you to edit sound effects for your games and videos or to create sound effects to provide unique additions to various applications. It is compatible with Windows and requires Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 or above. A manual is available under the Help tab on the menu bar. Create sound effects incorporating up to eight channels using standard or custom waveforms, envelopes, randomizing and mutating to shape everything your way!

Software Product Description

Quickly create sound effects to incorporate in your videos, games, and more.