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Learn and Master Guitar wallpaper. So you want a guitar, and you are finally going to go out and try and find one. If you're on a budget then you might think that your buying options are limited. The truth is that you can probably find a better deal on discontinued models that have barely been used. There are a lot of these items laying around waiting to be sold either because the original owner upgraded, became disinterested, or just changed models.

Natural harmonics happen at the spaces along the string where the "wave" stops and starts a new one. (Not technically correct but makes sense to me this way). This normally happens just above the 5th fret, the 7th fret, and the 12th fret wires. If you take a minute in a well lit room you can see the spots where the vibration along the string actually seems to be stopped. When you lightly touch a ringing string on these points you will get a natural harmonic chime.


"It's wallpaper"

Reviewer: -Deitrich

Review Date: 2009-04-13

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Other Thoughts: "Learn and Master Guitar" is the name of the product. The download is simply wallpaper, nothing more.


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