Learn to Fly 3 v1.2      

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Release Date:   2017-08-03

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Reviewed on August 03, 2017

Flight games are a weirdly serious genre. Perhaps this has something to do with the nature of aviation itself, a pursuit that often requires nerves of steel and a sharp mind. Real flight simulators are aren't so much games as they are training tools, with fans of these products searching for realism and detail above all else. Flight sims have come a long way from their roots, but they've left many players behind. Thankfully, there are plenty of games that just let players fly for fun. One of the best-loved of these series allows you to test your flight skills not with a plane, but with a very determined penguin.

Launching Penguins into Space is a Fun Time Waster

It may, possibly, be a little unfair to call Learn to Fly 3 a flight simulator. It is, however, a game about launching penguins into space. While doing so, you'll be dealing with the principles of aerodynamics, friction, and other aeronautical concepts. It's the third game in a highly enjoyable series, but with a new twist - instead of flying horizontally, the new mission is to launch the penguin vertically to its final destination. It's a game that is mostly about buying upgrades, but there's something satisfying about watching your penguin's progress.

There's a lot to love about this charming little game. The art style is distinctive and cute without being cloying. The sounds are great, and everything works like it should. You will curse your lack of progress, but you'll never really feel like the game is unfair. It's the perfect time waster, a game that's certainly not deep enough to keep your attention forever but on which you will spend more time than you might imagine. For a game with Flash roots, it's really quite good.

That doesn't mean that Learn to Fly 3 is perfect. Unlike the other games in the series, you will absolutely feel like you are grinding through launch attempts. The move towards a vertical launch takes away almost all of what little skill was ever involved in this game, putting your success or failure down to math. You won't exactly know how well you could be doing until you do a lot of experimenting, so be prepared to struggle. It's also worth noting that there's not a lot here once you finally accomplish your mission. Sure, there are a few other game modes - but none of them really matter. Unless you're aching for a high score, the game may as well be over once you reach space.


Learn to Fly 3 is a great example of a game that knows its price point. If you even had to pay a few dollars for the game, it'd be a tough sell. As a free download, though, it's hard to beat. It is fun, it is charming, and it will ultimately help you to pass the time. There's not much more that can be said for a game that involves physically launching a penguin into space. If there's nothing about that last sentence that sounds fun, this probably isn't the game for you.

Software Product Description

Free game where the objective is to fly your way up to space.