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If you want a relatively simple Computer Aided Drawing (CAD) program you can use to design toys, then consider LeoCAD. The software currently includes more than 6000 different pieces that you can use to create various virtual LEGO models and a camera position function to view the models at different angles and directions.

Using LeoCAD

LeoCAD has an intuitive user interface with a titlebar, toolbars and menus at the top, a workspace covering most of the center, tool window on the right, color palette below the window and status bar at the bottom. The available pieces are grouped in various categories in the tool window, such as animal, baseplate and car, which are arranged in alphabetical order.

We could expand each category, pick the piece we wanted to use, drag and drop it onto the workspace. Alternatively, we could add pieces using the 'Insert' tool or even the 'Insert' key, but we preferred using the drag-and-drop function.

Clicking the axis arrows let us move a piece one axis at a time. We could also click the 'Rotate' icon and drag the mouse to change the direction of a piece. We could display the grid to help us have a better view of the location of each piece in the workspace.

The position of a piece was indicated by X, Y and Z coordinates, with the default unit being LeoCAD internal coordinates where the distance between two studs marked 10 units. However, we could display the coordinates in centimeters from the preferences menu, where the distance between two studs was 0.8 cm.

The coordinates were displayed on the right part of the status bar. We found the coordinates system relatively more straightforward compared to the one used in LDraw.

In addition to using the included bricks, we could also export external ones. The pieces we picked were displayed in a preview window just above the tool window on the upper right part of the interface.

We added pieces in different steps. If we wanted to add pieces above the ones we had already positioned, for example, we clicked on the right arrow icon on the tool bar, and the step we were in was displayed on the lower right corner of the program window.

Clicking the 'Rotate Camera' icon and dragging the mouse allowed us to view our model from different directions and angles. Doing so enabled us to add pieces to parts that would otherwise be difficult to access.

If we did not know the category where the piece we wanted was grouped, we could type a term in the search box for the program to display relevant results.

LeoCAD allowed us to configure the user interface to suit our preferences. For example, we could split the window either horizontally or vertically, toggle some toolbars and set keyboard commands.


LeoCAD makes it easy for any computer user to create toys but also includes advanced features suitable for seasoned users. You can even use it to animate the models you create.

Software Product Description

LeoCAD is a CAD program for creating virtual LEGO models.