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Release Date:   2021-01-09

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Reviewed on November 06, 2019

Display your phone's screen on your computer or television monitor.

LetsView is a free screen mirroring app that enables screen mirroring between devices on the same WiFi network. Supporting such mirroring protocols as Miracast and Airplay, LetsView lets you share visual, audio and graphic information. There's even a whiteboard feature that can be valuable when instructing or delivering presentations digitally.

Delivering presentations compete with remote control, live streaming, instantly relayed screenshots and more ensure that the free screen mirroring app is a desirable addition to your communications utilities. A rundown of the convenient and useful features of the free screen sharing app include:

  • Whiteboard
  • Recording
  • Screenshot
  • Live streaming
  • PowerPoint Control
  • QR code scanning to connect
  • PIN code connecting

Whether for business or for school purposes - or just for fun gaming, watching videos or even using the bigger screen to create the ultimate selfie - it's worth taking the time to set LetsView up for use on all your devices.

Using LetsView to view your Android screen on your computer

Download the free screen mirroring app to your computer, select your language and follow the Wizard's instructions to install and launch the app. Download the Android app to your phone.

Next, connect your phone and computer to the same WiFi network and enable the Wireless Projection feature in the phone's settings to locate your computer. Wireless Projection may be called 'Wireless Display' or 'SmartView' depending upon the make of the device. The computer requires Miracast to be installed on your network card. The next time you use the phone app, the PC's name will be displayed on launch. Once connected, you can display the phone screen on the computer by tapping the 'Start Now' button.

You can also connect using the code icon displayed at right when you launch LetsView on your computer. Click the code to bring up the QR code, tap the second icon at the top right of the LetsView phone screen and scan the QR code on the computer. Alternatively, click the first code icon at the top right of the phone screen to enter the PIN code displayed on the code icon on the computer screen. Using either method, the phone screen is mirrored on the computer screen.

Using the LetsView features

Once your phone screen is mirrored to your computer, you can use the tool icons at the top right of the screen to save a screenshot. Click the third icon and select 'Screenshot' from the menu. You can also go to 'Full screen' or select 'Always on top' from here. The second icon is the 'Record' button - just click it to begin recording and again to finish and save the video you have recorded. The 'Settings' button enables you to change language, display settings, capturing settings, the mirroring service and resolution.

Using the phone, the free screen mirroring app's whiteboard function enables you to mirror the contents you create on it. Tap the 'Me' icon at the bottom right of your LetsView phone screen to select 'Whiteboard' and access your tools. The brush is black by default and can be changed using the 'Color' button on the tools panel which includes Clear, Undo and Exit.

LetsView is convenient and easy to use for mirroring an Android phone screen to a computer. The PC requires Windows 8.1 or higher and a network card and graphics card supporting Miracast. The phone needs Android 5.0 or higher. Both devices must be connected to the same WiFi network, ideally 5G for ultimate speedy transmission.

Software Product Description

Free multi-platform app enables content sharing wirelessly.