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Release Date:   2005-02-23

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Liberty Basic ToolBox is a complete Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for the Liberty Basic language. With Liberty Basic ToolBox, you can visually design your program window by placing all controls on a form, automatically generate Liberty Basic GUI code for what you've designed, add or edit code in the full featured code editor, run your form to see how it looks before compiling the form, and insert code inside Liberty Basic language editor to compile.


"Major bug in just and liberty basic"

Reviewer: -fred herzfeld

Review Date: 2006-07-29

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Other Thoughts: To use the toolbox yu must have either Just or Liberty Basic. Both of these have a major "bug". E-mail and telephone calls to Carl Carl Gundel and his company "Shoptalk" resulted in no responses.

The "Bug" occurs when in the mainwindow "Input var " is ussed and an input error is corrected by using backspace and then delete to remove any number of unwanted characters followed by the correct input. Both Just and Liberty Basic do NOT backshift nor delete but instead "append". An attempt to use Inkey$ was foiled because inkey does NOT respond with values for "backspace" NOR "Delete" If a user is not aware of these problems very wrong responses can occur without warning!!


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