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Release Date:   2002-10-13

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Use Log Dispatcher to simultaneously monitor several logs as they are updated by their driver applications in real time.

Log Dispatcher supports custom filter lists. Each monitored log can have it's own individual filter list. Use Filters to store and apply filter strings that invoke specified OS commands if the filter string should appear in the monitored file. This could be used to configure a set of alarms or even build a remote scheduler or command dispatcher by appending filter strings into a remote control file that is being monitored by Log Dispatcher in real time.

Log Dispatcher could run on several servers each monitoring a single, common control file. Filter strings could then be used to invoke simultaneous or cascading actions on each server by appending them to the common control file.

To use filters, select 'Filters' from the 'Edit' menu item after opening a log for monitoring. You can add or delete filter strings and their corresponding commands here. The filter string can be any free form text. The filter command can be any executable, script name, link etc... that is within the execution space that Log Dispatcher is running on.


"Log Dispatcher"

Reviewer: -Jeff

Review Date: 2007-06-09

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Other Thoughts: Great tool for monitoring just about anything. I use it watch my Apache web server for unusal activity


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