Logic Basic 1.0.49      

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 Reviewed on March 03, 2016

With today's very sophisticated programming languages and software, it can be easy to forget that developing programs comes down to one simple concept: logic. Anyone looking to program with this in mind should definitely check out Logic Basic, a free programming language that even children can learn.

Using Logic Basic

Logic Basic is lightweight, streamlined, compatible with Windows and Linux systems, and password accessible. It helps teach program development by making use of simple commands that are based entirely on linear code, just like programs used to be (MS-DOS, anyone?). Logic Basic's easy to understand building blocks are what makes it pleasant to use, and you can create everything from games to simulations and utility programs with this handy tool. Those who want to make animations or graphic presentations will definitely appreciate the software's interface and ease of use. In addition, Logic Basic can manipulate databases, synthesize a wide range of variables, create functions, timers, subroutines, and more.

The great thing is that Logic Basic effectively educates anyone who wants to learn programming without forcing them to jump into working with the complicated languages most commonly used today. If you've ever tried to tackle Delphi, Visual Basic, or the like, you surely understand the need to soften the learning curve for beginners. If you need a bit more guidance to start creating programs with Logic Basic, the language's author, Eleusmario Mariano Rabelo, has a selection of free source codes available on his website. Best of all, Logic Basic itself is completely free to download and use.


If you want to go back to the straightforward programming of old or learn programming on your own in a simple way -- while still being able to turn out complex programs with features that match advanced languages -- Logic Basic is ideal for you. This programming language can truly be used by everyone from school kids to seasoned professionals, and that's what makes Logic Basic stand out.

Software Product Description

Logic Basic is a programming language to facilitate the development of programs.