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The massively multiplayer space is one that is overwhelmingly dominated by role playing games. If you're looking for something a little different, you might want to play Lost Saga. Lost Saga is a multiplayer fighting game by Z8Games, a company that concentrates mainly on free to play titles. While there's a lot to love in this game, there are some very real problems that need to be addressed. It runs into the same old problems as other free to play games, which is a shame because it innovates in some very important ways. How well you can tolerate the former will inform how much joy you can get from the latter.

A Unique Style of Fighting Set Across Time and Space

If you're going to talk about Lost Saga, it's probably appropriate to start with the combat before anything else. This is not really an MMO - it's more of a strange arena/melee fighter hybrid. There's only three buttons to use when playing the game, but the combination of those buttons will keep you on your toes as well as any dedicated fighter. There's not many massively multiplayer games out there with fighting systems like this, and early on it's a real treat to try out. Once you get deep in the game, though, you'll notice your skills will either carry you or cut you down - at least until you start encountering the big-money players.

Before we discuss the issues with this fighting game, it is a good idea to get an idea of the setting. Lost Saga has a plot, in theory, about time-lost heroes fighting across time and space. That's about it - the real story involves collecting and leveling up various heroes. The characters range from the mythical to the licensed, and some of them are only available if you drop real cash. You'll upgrade their skills and gear over time and eventually find a character on whom you can rely.

Free to Play Versus Paid Players

If you're willing to drop real money on the game, the character you choose is going to be awesome. If you try to go on skill alone, though, you'll hit a wall. As the game has gotten older, there's become a very clear stratification between free to play and paid players. The best stuff is behind a paywall, which is often problematic for such a combative game. This isn't to say that you can't hang if you're truly skilled, but you should always expect the person who has paid the most real cash to the developer to get the win.


Lost Saga is an interesting game with great mechanics. There are some minor technical issues that should have been patched up long ago and a brutal learning curve, but it's definitely worth a try. Your tolerance for losing to less-skilled players is going to determine how long you'll keep playing the game, especially if you aren't willing to invest a small fortune into keeping ahead of the meta. Like many free to play games, this one is going to end up succeeding or failing by how well the company can balance the needs of all types of players.

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Online fighting game that pits you against other players all over the world.