Lotus Notes Command Line Mail Client Tool 1.0      

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Release Date:   2002-05-12

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OS:  Win 2000/XP/2003

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Software Product Description

This command line tool uses the native Lotus Notes Mail API to send and receive mail via command line.
  • Mailbox functions as directory- and file-tree: Sent, Received, In, Out, Error, Attachments
  • Queuing of messages i.e. to allow front and back processing, fault tolerance
  • Logging into the application log of Windows. TNG event integration over this.
  • Sends and receives e-mails including attachments.
  • Integrated CGI support for remote WEB-based status queries.
  • Mails are stored as text files. The field delimiter is ASCII character \001 .
  • Out of the box AHD mail sending support.
  • Notes_Mail runs as command (frontend), Windows service (backend) and CGI (GUI).
  • Mails older than one month are deleted from Notes_Mail's mailbox and received mails older than one month are not retrieved from the Domino server (zero administration).
  • set one ore more additional attributes inside a notes-mail with the -attribute flag. this allows notes agents to do special processing with these messages. Specify this parameter in one of the following styles: -attribute "name=a text value" -attribute "Date1=date:12.05.2002 10:29:00" -attribute "Date2_30_days=date:now+43200"