What's New in version 0.164b:

  • [Sound] (seta2.c) gundamex: The music is only emitted from the right channel.
  • [Sound] (seta2.c) pzlbowl: Right heavy stereo balance.
  • [Graphics] (aerofgt.c) turbofrc: Sprite priority bugs in some stages
  • [Graphics] (seta.c) tndrcade + others: Offset issues in seta drivers
  • [Graphics] (seta.c) usclssic: Graphics are shifted.
  • [Graphics] (seta.c) daioh: On the attract mode screen with the earth down there is a glitchy line at the bottom and the explosion is glitched.
  • [Sound] (alpha68k.c) kyros, kyrosj: A few sound FX are missing
  • [Graphics] (hornet.c) gradius4, nbapbp: Most of colours are completly wrong
  • [Crash/Freeze] (djmain.c) bm1stmix and other: Error on loading CHD / disk error
  • [Flip Screen/Cocktail] (dooyong.c) gulfstrm, lastday and clones: Screen slightly offset left when flipped (Osso)
  • [Graphics] (msx.c) cf3300, expertdp, svi738 (and possibly all MSX and MSX2) [possible] The MSX demo 'Riyadh by Bandwagon' does not works properly.
  • [Crash/Freeze] (msx.c) expert11 [hero]: H.E.R.O. - Game does not start anymore
  • [Core] (msx.c) All sets in msx.c: Cartridge mapper not detected using Full Path

What's New in version 0.162b:

  • 05940: [Documentation] (harddriv.c) harddriv: Wrong release year for parent set of Hard Drivin'
  • 05936: [Crash/Freeze] (sigmab98.c) sammymdl: Crash with exception
  • 05935: [Crash/Freeze] (iteagle.c) iteagle: Crash/Exception after failed IDE detection
  • 05910: [Crash/Freeze] (harddriv.c) racedriv: Reset causes segmentation fault
  • 05911: [Core] (harddriv.c) harddriv, racedriv, steeltal, strtdriv, racedrivpan: GSP TIME OUT ERROR
  • 04911: [Flip Screen/Cocktail] (darkseal.c) All games in darkseal.c: Flip Screen does not work at all
  • 05924: [Crash/Freeze] (spectrum.c) spectrum: Infinite interrupt service routine loop bug

What's New in version 0.159b:

MAMETesters Bugs Fixed:

  • 05498: [Crash/Freeze] (mpu4vid.c) Many sets in mpu4vid.c: Gameplay stops at a 'Serial Link Failure' screen (crazyc)
  • 05538: [Crash/Freeze] (bfcobra.c) all sets in bfcobra.c: Game stops on 1st screen, just keeps beeping like some kinda alert. (crazyc)
  • 05838: [Misc.] (firetrk.c) Superbug: Color overlay missing (hap)
  • 02004: [Crash/Freeze] (hornet.c) nbapbp: Hardware error (Fabio Priuli)
  • 05841: [Misc.] (gunsmoke.c) gunsmoke, gunsmokej, gunsmokeu, gunsmokeua: Dates of every version
  • 05837: [Compiling] mame-0.158 - make: *** [chdman] Error 1
  • 05835: [Misc.] MAME version number reports as in file information (Firewave)

Source Changes:

  • m65ce02: Generalize Kale's findings
  • jvs host: fix packet encoding, similar to previous
  • Updates to 315-5881 encryption based on Daytona2 Power Edition's analysis
  • Some fixes for multimonitor fullscreen on linux and windows. In virtualbox, even switchres now works for two monitors. That doesn't imply it will work on real hardware. The probability is higher :-) On windows, default render driver now is 'opengl' since direct3d wouldn't work reliably. This functionality currently is limited to to the '-video accel' driver. More userspace blitting enhancements
  • Define network API to use on NetBSD.
  • Fixes build on NetBSD.
  • improved documentation of a some discrete drivers
  • silvmil.c: Fill in some dipswitches for Puzzlove and add dipswitch locations.
  • lindbergh: Add the CF card dump
  • naomi.c add Derby Owners Club IO board dump
  • added makefile define CPP11 to compile C++ code as C++11
  • Fix compiling on SDL < 2.0.2
  • Emscripten target now uses SDL2.
  • mitchell.c: Correct rom names for the Pang / Buster Bros. sets.
  • Patched timer over bug in Kozure Ookami. Remarked game as working state, see source notes for further info.
  • Better performance for -verifyroms on samba share
  • champbas.c, equites.c, shougi.c: rename the alpha-8xxx mcu dumps to better reflect the actual chip labels and the fact that they are HD44801 mcus. add the undumped alpha-8304 mcu as NO_DUMP
  • NAOMI doc corrections
  • scn2674: reworked for the pcd
  • m68k: emulate instruction cache for 68020/68EC020.
  • bnstars.c: hook up player 2 inputs; remove hazeinputs; misc cleanup/modernization
  • Make OpenGL renderer available in mainline build as well. This needs to be explicitly enabled by specifying USE_OPENGL=1. More code alignment.
  • i386.c: updates for the future and more:
  • add infrastructure to support opcodes ?? 0f 38 ?? and ?? 0f 3a ??
  • add placeholders in opcode table for all instructions not yet implemented
  • fix opcode group 0f 73
  • add opcode group 66 0f 73
  • move sse opcodes movd movdqa to their own routine
  • move sse opcodes pinsrw pextrw to ther own routine
  • add opcodes punpcklbw punpcklwd punpckldq punpcklqdq
  • verified vaportra clocks
  • Embed version information in OS X emulator binaries (shows in Finder info, and in about boxes in windowed mode)
  • opwolf.c: added unknown dipswitch description from manual

Debugger imrpovements:

  • All: fix sorting, alignment and crash on click, and improve performance in breakpoints/watchpoints views
  • Win32/Qt/Cocoa: improve dynamic updating of menu items to reflect available operations
  • Win32/Qt/Cocoa: allow breakpoint control from any disassembly view irrespective of focus
  • Win32/Cocoa: add breakpoints/watchpoints windows
  • Win32/Cocoa: remove global state to prepare for multi- machine, clean up on exit, don't crash on hard reset
  • Win32: port to C++, fix memory leaks and misc. bugs
  • Cocoa: add device tree and detail windows
  • Cocoa: improve rendering, mouse handling and performance
  • Only evaluate sdl- and pkg-config commands once
  • 3rdparty/mongoose: Fix build on BSDs and Solaris [0-wiz-0]
  • OS/2 patches for SDLMAME v0.158

Added / enabled save state support for the following drivers [Osso]:

  • bestleag.c, bloodbro.c, buggychl.c, chaknpop.c, cyclemb.c, d9final.c, darkmist.c, dcon.c, dreambal.c, exzisus.c, fastfred.c, fuukifg2, fuukifg3.c, galpani2.c, gladiatr.c, gluck2.c, goodejan.c, gsword.c, iqblock.c, kaneko16.c, limenko.c, lordgun.c, mastboy.c, mustache.c, panicr.c, pipeline.c, pirates.c, progolf.c, quizo.c, quizpani.c, rabbit.c, raiden.c, retofinv.c, rollrace.c, scotrsht.c, seicross.c, sengokmj.c, shadfrce.c, shootout.c, sidepckt.c, skyarmy.c, skydiver.c, snowbros.c, supduck.c, taxidriv.c, tecmo.c, tecmo16.c, tecmosys.c, tehkanwc.c, thedeep.c, tmmjprd.c, tnzs.c, toki.c, vball.c, wc90.c, welltris.c, wink.c, wrally.c, wwfsstar.c, xorworld.c, xxmissio.c opwolf.c:
  • added DIPLOCATIONs [Guru]

New games added or promoted from NOT_WORKING status:

  • PuzzLove
  • Player's Edge Plus (PS0090) Gold, Silver & Bronze Slots
  • Poke Champ (set 2)
  • Super MIss World

New clones added:

  • Ghost Squad (GDX-0012)
  • Sega Network Taisen Mahjong MJ 2 (Rev F) (GDX-0006F)
  • Side Arms - Hyper Dyne (US, 861202)
  • Turbo Out Run (Japan, deluxe cockpit, FD1094 317-0101)
  • The Key Of Avalon: The Wizard Master (server) (Rev E)
  • The Key Of Avalon: The Wizard Master (server) (Rev F)
  • The Key Of Avalon: The Wizard Master (server) (Rev G)
  • The Key Of Avalon: The Wizard Master (client) (Rev E)
  • The Key Of Avalon: The Wizard Master (client) (Rev F)
  • The Key Of Avalon: The Wizard Master (client) (Rev G)
  • The Key Of Avalon 1.20 - Summon The New Monsters (server) (Rev A)
  • The Key Of Avalon 1.20 - Summon The New Monsters (client) (Rev A)
  • The Key Of Avalon 1.30 - Chaotic Sabbat (server) (Rev C)
  • Gekitou Pro Yakyuu Mizushima Shinji All Stars vs. Pro Yakyuu (Rev B)
  • Asura Buster - Eternal Warriors (Japan) (ARCADIA review build)
  • Super Spacefortress Macross II / Chou-Jikuu Yousai Macross II (GAMEST review build)
  • Ultra X Weapons / Ultra Keibitai (GAMEST review build)

New games marked as GAME_NOT_WORKING:

  • Vampire Night (VPN3 Ver. B)
  • Super Rock and Bowl

What's New in version 0.158b:

MAMETesters Bugs Fixed:

  • 01214: [Graphics] (dec0.c) bouldash, bouldashj: Fadeout/Fadein on screen is the wrong speed slightly off
  • 05507: [Misc.] (model2.c) zerogun, zerogunj, zerogunaj, zeroguna: AddressSanitizer: global-buffer-overflow
  • 05828: [Gameplay] (punchout.c) spnchout,spnchouta,spnchoutj: Game automatically resets at KO Time Best 3/Hit Average screen during attract mode.
  • 05790: [Known Issues/To-Do's] (senjyo.c) All sets in senjyo.c: m_int_delay_kludge removal.
  • 05816: [Crash/Freeze] (bfm_sc2.c) Several bfm_sc2.c sets: [debug] Assertion
  • 05812: [Crash/Freeze] (maygay1bsw.c) m1bankrl, m1bankrl2p, m1bankrlp / m4nod - mpu4.c: FATALERROR: Missing some required objects, unable to proceed
  • 05811: [Crash/Freeze] (maygay1bsw.c) Many sets in maygay1bsw.c: Crash after OK
  • 05763: [Interface] SDL-based builds (Windows only): If a path does not exist, a file is not written.
  • 02515: [Crash/Freeze] (zn.c) nbajamex: Hangs at black screen

Source Changes:

  • m68k: implement FTRAP instruction, add '68020 with FPU' CPU type.
  • MCU simulation has been fixed
  • winprefix: support some C99 extensions in older MSVC
  • Make cross-compilation easier
  • luaengine: add HUD-like capabilities
  • Added irq ack mechanism in Senjyo HW and removed long standing hack from the driver
  • SDL: Driver accel (draw13.c) now supports '-filter', i.e. bilinear filtering.
  • ui: Added 'Reset' option to DipSwitch and ConfSettings menu, as well as to the File Manager, for consistency with other menus where an hard reset is of help
  • ui: Fixed DipLocation drawing so that it remains on screen also when highlighting switches without locations
  • Fix bug in work_osd.c causing discrete sound to crash.
  • Move definition of -DOSD_WINDOWS, -DOSD_SDL and -DOSD_MINI into $(OSD).mak. Added sanity check to makefile.
  • zn: implement (incomplete?) ROM banking in nbajamex, shows some graphics now
  • ui: start displaying the device tag close to input names for the dynamical inputs which use PORT_DEVICE, so to avoid some weird quirks in the input menus when slot devices are modified.
  • Converted png2bcd tool to python
  • luaengine: expose device state entries
  • ui: added '[Internal]' string to slot options that are not user-configurable and fixed some internal options displayed as 'scrollable'.
  • ui: simplified Image Information code and made it fully display for systems with many image devices.
  • Redumped ROM and made Eleven Beat to surpass 'Joystick Type Error' message. Crashes at kick off though
  • chdman: added -s/--size parameter for 'createhd' to create blank harddisk based on size and sector size
  • ui: added barebone menu for device-specific options. click on any slot device option to see whether it is currently mounted or not, and which additional options depend on the selected value.
  • ui: fixed bug where slot options set via internal UI did not properly create their sub-options.
  • Partial netlist sound implementation for Mario Bros. Luigi sound is missing. By default, the previous discrete.h based sound is compiled. Those curious can change OLD_SOUND to 0 in mario.h.
  • naomi.c: redumped vstrik3c, both existing and new dumps were BAD, made one good-looking from them
  • twinkle.c: the 68000 & SPU board now process commands, some sound f/x play now.
  • ui: stop the game selector reporting systems with no roms as missing files.
  • ui: when launching systems with mandatory carts, either from command line or from the game selector, prompt the user with the file manager menu so that he can mount a game where needed, instead of killing emulation with an error.
  • ui: improved File Manager so that attempts to launch softlist entries without having the necessary files don't kill emulation but simply display a message to the user.
  • hikaru.c: added protection key for sgnascar
  • ui: fixed bug where software items that shall create new image devices (e.g., passthru carts) or new slot options, failed to do so when loaded through the File Manager in the internal UI.
  • Fixed non-terrain colors in Top Landing (also fixed out-of-bounds palette crash bug in it)
  • Emergency Call Ambulance, Daytona USA 2, L.A. Machineguns, Magical Truck Adventure, Virtual On 2 protection keys
  • SDL keeps adding SDL_HINTs with every patch release.
  • nbajamex: Implemented ROM banking, game coins up and is playable.
  • core: Add per-game parameters
  • Solaris 11 build support.
  • replace 'discof' dump with a new one
  • added preliminary emulation of video screen on Caveman (Exidy Pinball)
  • updated funkball.c to use intelfsh.c for Flash Rom handling, making use of bankdev to provide a virtual space in which they map

Updates to SEGA 315-5881 encryption / compression device emulation:

  • update algorithm based on based on findings from Virtua Striker 2 '98
  • correctly hooked up chip in ST-V, Model 2 and Model 3 drivers
  • added support for multiple blocks in encrypted streams
  • added support for different height/widths of compressed data steams
  • found keys for many games allowing for per-game simulations to be removed and fixing badly decompressed graphics in several games
  • found some correlation between keys and Sega part numbers

updates to the Sega 315-5838 / 317-0029 compression device:

  • Documented 315-5838 as the Decathlete protection chip
  • Identified 317-0029 (Dead of Alive) as another version of the same thing based on information from Guru
  • Split 'decathlt' handling from stv.c and made into a device, moved the 'doa' simulation from model2.c in there too (preliminary, preparation to merge code)
  • No functional improvements at this time, just refactoring.

i386: sse opcodes improvements:

  • add opcodes MOVHLPS MOVLHPS
  • The safer implementation is needed in cases where the source and destination registers are the same.

New games added or promoted from NOT_WORKING status:

  • Star Trek (Sidam, Head On hardware)
  • Endless Riches
  • Pop'n Music 3 (ver JA-A)
  • Come Back Toto
  • NBA Jam Extreme
  • Final Fight Revenge
  • Player's Edge Plus (PS0366) Double Diamond Deluxe Slots
  • Player's Edge Plus (PS0372) Double Diamond Deluxe Slots
  • Player's Edge Plus (PS0373) Double Diamond Deluxe Slots

New clones added:

  • Over Drive (set 2)
  • Over Drive (set 3)
  • Dungeons & Dragons: Shadow over Mystara (Asia 960208)
  • Black Widow (prototype)
  • Player's Edge Plus (PP0038) Standard Draw Poker
  • Player's Edge Plus (PP0116) Standard Draw Poker (Mirage)
  • Adventure Quiz Capcom World 2 (Japan 920611, B-Board 90629B-3, no battery)

New games marked as GAME_NOT_WORKING:

  • Shakatto Tambourine (Rev B) (GDS-0002B)
  • Space Train
  • Missile-X [TTL]

What's New in version 0.140b:

  • Bug Fix: [Crash/Freeze] nibbler and clones: Mame crashes after pressing OK (Aaron Giles)
  • Bug Fix: [Color/Palette] blandia, blandiap: Tilemap colors issue. (Pierpaolo Prazzoli)
  • Bug Fix: [Color/Palette] blandia, blandiap: Incorrect colors (Pierpaolo Prazzoli)
  • Bug Fix: [Misc.] SDLMAME for Windows does not work unless you use -window (couriersud)
  • Bug Fix: [Crash/Freeze] cabal, cabala, cabalbl2, cabalus, cabalus2, tharrier, tharrierj: memory_set_bank called for unknown bank 'bank1' (hap)
  • Bug Fix: [Misc.] hydrthnd: SHA1 of CHD reported incorrectly. (David Haywood)
  • Bug Fix: [Graphics] arabian: Missing bird at top of the screen. (Phil Bennett)

What's New in version 0.139b:

  • BugFix: [Crash/Freeze] Atomiswave-based games in naomi.c: Game gets stuck in boot process. (Aaron Giles)
  • BugFix: [Documentation] samsh5sp & clones: according to title, year is 2004 not 2003 (moa)
  • BugFix: [Crash/Freeze] -burnin causes crash in vector games (Atari Ace)
  • BugFix: [Multisession] a51site4: Hang after loading via internal UI (multisession) (Atari Ace)

What's New in version 0.138b:

  • 03683: [Crash/Freeze] topgunnr: Crashes MAME after INSERT COIN/GAME START (hap)
  • 02878: [Speed] simpsons and clones: Vertical refresh rate (hap)
  • 03273: [Original Reference] brubber, bnj, caractn: Incorrect screen resolution for Burnin' Rubber and clones (hap)
  • 03492: [Crash/Freeze] hunchbkg: Does not boot (couriersud)
  • 03657: [Crash/Freeze] All sets in maxaflex.c: Random crashes (Firewave)
  • 03765: [Crash/Freeze] qdrmfgp2: ASSERT after OK (hap)
  • 03823: [Color/Palette] pc_miket: Bad colours (Alex Jackson)
  • 03047: [Graphics] elevator, elevatorb: Some graphics on the escalators shift when you ride on them (hap)
  • 03628: [Graphics] alpine: Red point on the title screen (M.A.S.H.)
  • 03033: [Graphics] vendetta: Sprite priority problem in the 3rd stage (hap)
  • 03647: [Graphics] All games in vendetta.c: Graphical error in the intro scene of the game. (hap)
  • 03834: [Sound] qtheater: No sound (hap)
  • 03830: [Crash/Freeze] All sets in harddriv.c: Message: Duplicate save state registration entry (DSP32C/dsp32/0/cpustate->pin) (Tafoid)
  • 00390: [DIP/Input] spaceftr: does not allow you to turn to the right. (hap)