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MSSQL Schema Diff is a free database comparison tool used to quickly and easily locate structural differences between two SQL Server databases. Results are clearly displayed with MSSQL objects in a familiar SQL Management Studio tree layout and property comparisons in a matching data grid. Intuitive icons and color codes make it easy to spot differences. Filter buttons make it easy to narrow down to just what is different or missing from one or the other database. Usage is simple; you select two MSSQL databases, click Compare, then browse the differences.

Use MSSQL.SchemaDiff to:

  • Troubleshoot and find errors caused by database differences
  • Ensure consistency between dev, test, staging, and production database environments
  • Learn what changed between database versions


"Works Great"

Reviewer: -Donn Bly

Review Date: 2010-12-15

Pros: Free, works, used it to compare schemas between two 2005 databases without little problem.

Cons: Doesn't create a migration script and doesn't compare data - and it doesn't let you save configuration settings -- but heck, it is free.

Other Thoughts: The OBJECT_SCHEMA_NAME error isn't part isn't an error in the program - it is an error in SQL 2005 RTM version that was fixed in service pack 2. As of this writing we've been on service pack 3 for over a year, so if you get the error then you are REALLY out of date on your server patches.


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