MagicaVoxel 0.99.4      

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Release Date:   2019-05-30

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OS:  Windows 7/8/10 (32-Bit/64-Bit)

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Reviewed on May 24, 2018

MagicaVoxel is a free 8-Bit voxel editor that enables you to create and edit 3D models. It has a range of easy to use tools and an interactive path tracing renderer. There are several export options, and the work area is designed so that panels can be expanded or collapsed to alternatively have more drawing space or access more tools.

Developed to appeal regardless of the expertise of the user, functions are comprehensive, and even if you have zero experience with 3D modeling, you'll be building models in no time at all.

Download MagicaVoxel, install and launch to familiarize yourself with the free application.

MagicaVoxel installs quickly and, once launched, presents a highly responsive, nicely designed interface that is basically self-explanatory. The viewport (workspace) is at center and can be panned, rotated and zoomed using a mouse, trackpad or keyboard shortcuts. The color palette is at left and is used much like that of any paint-type program via the mixing tools at the bottom. Brush options are at the right of the color palette. Add, paint or erase using a variety of shapes and patterns with one of the six brushes:

  • Line (labeled L) - drag across 1D line
  • Center (C) - drag to control the size of circle or square
  • Pattern (P) - provides access to stored models
  • Voxel (V) for individual or group
  • Face (F) for adjacent voxels
  • Box (B) - drag across 2D voxels

The brush action buttons appear below the brushes - 'Attach' adds voxels, 'Erase' removes them, 'Paint' changes the color and 'Move' shifts the entire model. Color picking tools allow further work with color.

3D modeler editing tools are at the right of the viewport and a directory of stored models and patterns left of that. These include some pre-built models to get you started.

Getting started

Think 'voxel' rather than 'pixel' and use the drag and drop line brush tool to create a line of blocks to get you started immediately. Use the relevant brush action tools to fill it or the edit tools to select, and rescale, move or erase groups of blocks. There are hover-driven tooltips to help you. Alternatively selecting a stored model from the model list to modify will allow you to try out all the various tools and options. Make changes to surface and adjust depths, shadows, and lighting.

You can manipulate 3D objects with the Command feature, and there's a Shuffle feature which lets you push an object through to the other side of the model. MagicaVoxel lets you duplicate shapes and modify them to create graduated copies of the model for a 3D animation with the built-in renderer. Rendering has the capability to present your model from different angles and with different effects. You can also export your creation to OBJ or PLY for importing into a 3D printing tool. Other export formats include VOX to re-open it in MagicaVoxel or a number for accessing by other applications.

MagicaVoxel is an open source application which provides easy to use tools for the beginner 3D modeler, but is also very useful for designers requiring fast 3D modeling options for use in other applications, or to include in websites. Interactive path tracing and a customizable interface make it attractive for use in a range of design projects.

Software Product Description

A simple, but powerful 8-bit 3D modeler.