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Mall Monster was created as a sophomore game project at DigiPen Institute of Technology. The game places you in the role of a young boy who has managed to get himself lost and trapped in a mall after dark. As if finding your way out wasn't enough, there is also a fearsome monster lurking through the stores and waiting to strike. You must work your way through the winding aisles and hallways as stealthily as possible to avoid being seen or heard.

In addition to the aid of your carefully planned movements, you will encounter many items that can be used to your advantage. If your strategies fail to keep the monster at a safe distance, fear will begin to take over your actions. Curling up into a ball and closing your eyes to calm yourself down is always an option, but you'll no longer be able to make quick reactions to probable threats. This may seem to place you in a large disadvantage, but becoming too afraid can lead to a worse fate. Once you faint due to fear, the monster will definitely hear you thud to the ground, and you can only hope that he doesn't reach you before you wake.

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