What's New in version


  • Users have now the options to schedule reminders for a reboot when one is needed
  • What's new screen (when conditions are met)
  • New Settings Manage Alerts option (Teams only)
  • Improved detection and remediation
  • Improved performance

Issues fixed:

  • Fixed: Persisting conflicts with Local Area Networks that impact Printers and other Devices
  • Fixed: ARW Component Protection Event report does not include registry objects
  • Fixed: Several UI issues

What's New in version

Component package version 1.0.990:


  • Increased start time scan after reboot if the last scan was skipped.
  • Enhanced upgrade functionality for each type of protection.
  • Additional improvements logging for upgrade and installation.

Stability/issues fixed:

  • Web Protection disables Teredo tunneling at startup.
  • Install fails under certain circumstances and causes unintentional Real-Time Protection (RTP) failure.
  • Scheduled scan start immediately after sleep/hibernation/restart if scan time was missed.
  • Miscellaneous user interface (UI) issues.
  • Malwarebytes for Windows causes severe system performance issues with Windows 10 version 2004.

What's New in version 4.1:


  • Dark Mode UI
  • Enhanced Performance
  • Improved AE detection and remediation

Some Issues now addressed:

  • Fixed: install failed in Install Certificates
  • Fixed: Several BSODs or hangs occurring under certain circumstances
  • Fixed: web protection prevents Avast SecureLine VPN from turning off
  • Fixed: Several UI issues

What's New in version

  • Performance/protective capability
  • Improved remediation for hijacked shortcuts
  • Continued improvements to overall protection, detection and remediation


  • Device Name now syncs to the Malwarebytes My Account portal for users on the paid version
  • Improved accessibility features for the Notification Center
  • Added custom messages designed to highlight the value of Malwarebytes protection and help it remain free

Stability/issues fixed:

  • Fixed problem when cutting / pasting files with anti-ransomware enabled
  • Fixed problem where USB stick would not eject properly with anti-ransomware enabled
  • Fixed a service crash related to self-protection
  • Fixed a blue screen crash related to Web Protection
  • Addressed other miscellaneous defects

What's New in version

Performance/protective capability:

  • Improved remediation for shortcuts and tasks
  • Added better handling for heavily infected systems to streamline detection & remediation
  • Continued improvements to overall protection, detection and remediation


  • Added Notification Center for easy access to most recent real-time block notifications
  • Added category to website blocked notification to show the reason why site was blocked
  • Improved report design for better usability
  • Added device name to My Account screen in preparation to sync with My Account portal
  • Updated the API used to interact with Windows Action/Security Center
  • Changed the 'Recover if missed by' setting for Scheduled Scans to be enabled by default for new scans
  • Numerous other user interface and copy improvements

Stability/issues fixed:

  • Fixed issue where files did not save properly with anti-ransomware enabled
  • Fixed issue where notifications could stack so you might see multiple versions of same message
  • Fixed issue where Beta opt in setting would not honor Restore Defaults
  • Updated the 7-Zip library to the latest version, v.18.01
  • Improved upgrade process from earlier versions of Malwarebytes
  • Continued improvements to driver operation and management
  • Fixed several crashes, including a blue screen related to Web Protection
  • Addressed other miscellaneous defects

What's New in version 2.1.4:


  • Improved scan flow all scans now automatically check for and apply the latest database updates so you're always scanning with the latest protection. (Exception: this will not occur with Scheduled Scans if you have the option to 'check for updates before scanning' disabled.)
  • Simplified Quarantine flow threats detected are pre-selected for removal and users are presented with a single 'Remove Selected' button. Clicking 'Remove Selected' quarantines all checked items. If you uncheck any threats you will see a new dialog asking what action should be taken on the unselected items: Ignore Once, Ignore Always, Cancel.
  • Improved malware protection capabilities, including enhanced rootkit detection and removal.
  • The Minimize button now minimizes the main program window to the taskbar instead of the tray.
  • The default display timeout for notifications was changed to 3 seconds instead of 7 seconds.
  • The default value for 'Show notification after successful update' is now set to 'Off' for all scheduled updates.
  • Removed the informational message from the main dashboard view.
  • Remove support for Thai language due to quality issues with the translation.
  • Installation of a Consumer/Home version of Malwarebytes Anti-Malware over a Business version is now blocked.

Issues Fixed:

  • Admin users should no longer see a prompt to login as admin to perform a program upgrade.
  • Fixed issue where the web protection service (MWAC) was not restarting properly.
  • Fixed numerous issues with scheduled scans, including showing the correct date for 'Next scheduled scan' on the dashboard.
  • Fixed issue where mbamscheduler was starting on boot when Malwarebytes Anti-Malware was set not to start with Windows.
  • Fixed issue where any non-English language selected during installation would not be applied after installation.
  • Fixed issue where Malwarebytes Anti-Malware did not always automatically update the database on installation.
  • Fixed an issue where the 'Delay Protection at startup for 15 seconds' setting showed as enabled, but was actually disabled. (We recommend reviewing this option to ensure it is configured as you intended.)
  • Fixed issue where 'Error Code 6' displayed at the end of scans.
  • Fixed issue on Windows XP where scheduled scans on reboot would not start if the 'Enable self-protection module' was checked.
  • Malwarebytes Anti-Malware now honors self-protection settings detected from a previous installation.
  • Fixed issue where context menu scan was not honoring user selection under detection and protection setting.
  • Several issues with notifications were fixed.
  • Several enhancements were made to the user interface to address accessibility issues.
  • Several UI and user experience enhancements implemented.

What's New in version 2.0.4:

  • Issue with Malware Protection addressed

What's New in version 2.0.3:

  • Includes changes from the previous RC version

What's New in version 2.0.2:


  • Changed some of the terminology used in scan results and scan logs to make them clearer
  • Enabling or disabling self-protection should now be more responsive under most circumstances
  • Each language name is now listed in its native tongue rather than being translated to make switching languages easier
  • Blank window is no longer observed flashing on screen during startup and shut down of system when Malwarebytes Anti-Malware is running in the tray on Windows Vista and newer operating systems

Issues Fixed

  • Several crashes and BSOD issues fixed with rootkit scanning
  • Scan speed improved with rootkit scanning enabled under some circumstances
  • Rootkit scans should no longer hang indefinitely under certain conditions
  • Compatibility issues with certain VPN client software fixed
  • Protection no longer fails to start after upgrade under some circumstances when self-protection is active prior to upgrading
  • Entire General Settings tab now responds to clicks correctly
  • Several issues with Access Policy restrictions not restricting access as they should
  • Editing the Access Policy password no longer results in restricted areas of the software being inaccessible when the correct password is entered
  • Access Policy feature now functions when Bitdefender Total Security is installed
  • Manual scan of individual files and folders using context menu scan feature in Explorer no longer results in the scan failing to run under certain circumstances
  • Green checkmark status is no longer indicated when Malwarebytes Anti-Malware is unable to reach update servers when attempting to update
  • Text is no longer cutoff in the UI on Windows XP or when the 'Classic' theme is used on Windows 7
  • Scan time is now reflected accurately at the end of a scan
  • Quarantined objects remain listed correctly in Limited User Accounts when restoration of an object fails due to lack of permissions
  • Some words in UI which were not translated into non-English languages now are when those languages are selected
  • Driver left behind during uninstallation of Malwarebytes Anti-Malware is now removed as it should be when the product is uninstalled

What's New in version 2.0.1:


  • Database is now updated automatically after installation
  • Notifications are no longer displayed if the Dashboard is in focus to reduce redundant information
  • Significantly reduced the size of all tray notifications
  • Reduced the intensity of the colors used for tray notifications and status banners in the Dashboard
  • Database out of date and scan has never been run notifications now reduced in severity to orange instead of red

Issues Fixed:

  • All scheduled scans should now run without popping up the main UI so that users are not interrupted

What's New in version 1.51.2:

  • Fixed issue with users with { or } in user account names.
  • Internal bugfixes.

What's New in version 1.51.1:

  • Fixed minor updating issues.
  • Fixed issue with trials expiring too early.
  • Fixed GUI language bugs.
  • Fixed issue where Ignore List was not honored by the Protection Module.
  • Fixed issue where limited users were prompted to update an outdated database.

What's New in version 1.51.0:

  • Fixed issue with the scheduler not performing realtime updates.
  • Fixed multiple issues with product crashing during a scan.
  • Fixed issue with log not saving on certain command line scans.
  • Fixed various issues with Finnish, Italian, and Norwegian languages.
  • Fixed formatting and misspelling issues in product help file.

What's New in version 1.50.1:

  • Fixed issue with the scheduler not performing realtime updates.
  • Fixed multiple issues with product crashing during a scan.
  • Fixed issue with log not saving on certain command line scans.
  • Fixed various issues with Finnish, Italian, and Norwegian languages.
  • Fixed formatting and misspelling issues in product help file.

What's New in version 1.50:

Overall Improvements:

  • Overall Improvements:
  • Dramatically improved scan speed: up to 5 times faster.
  • Dramatically improved stability of both the scanner and protection module (paid version only).
  • More responsive: program loads up to 3 times faster, and protection module has lower impact on system resources (paid version only).
  • New internal detection algorithms enable detection of more real-world malware.

New Features:

  • You can now add files and folders to the ignore list manually.
  • Ability to schedule and unschedule scans and updates from the command line (paid version only).
  • Notifications of blocked malicious websites now include additional details such as type, port, and process on Windows Vista and higher.
  • Ability to include or exclude potentially unwanted programs (PUP), potentially unwanted system modifications (PUM), and peer-to-peer software (P2P) from scans and protection module detections.
  • Dramatically improved flash scan (paid version only) - designed to determine whether a more in-depth scan is needed, in less than 10 seconds on many machines.
  • One-touch easy-to-use option to keep protection up-to-date automatically (paid version only).
  • "Warn if database is outdated by:" option now warns if the database is far out-of-date (7 days by default), including for protection (paid version only).
  • Ability to scan system startup locations for improved detection and to target persistent malware that may be obstructing removal.
  • Right-click context menu scans now use heuristics.

Issues Fixed:

  • Improved compatibility with antivirus software.
  • Fixed issue with "Recover if missed by" setting in scheduler not working correctly on Windows 2000 and Windows XP.
  • Fixed issue with "Recover if missed by" setting in scheduler not working for scans and updates scheduled to run 'Once'.
  • Fixed issue with Heuristics.Shuriken causing the program to freeze or crash.
  • Fixed issue with certain infections going undetected by the protection module in 64-bit Windows versions.
  • Fixed issue with silent scans not creating logs in certain scenarios.

What's New in version 1.46:

  • Improved database loading speed by approximately 15 percent.
  • Drastically improved performance of Website Blocking on Windows Vista and 7.
  • Fixed various scheduler compatibility issues on Windows 2000.
  • Fixed issue with quotations around paths passed to /logtofile and /logtofolder.
  • Fixed issue with detecting certain leftover traces of an infection.
  • Fixed issue with freeze when adding a shared printer on the network.

What's New in version 1.45:

  • Added new scheduling engine for our customers featuring realtime updating, more finely-grained scheduled scanning/updating, and a streamlined interface.
  • Added new flash scanning option which searches for malicious objects in memory and load point locations.
  • Added compatibility with Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) for our corporate customers.
  • Added a brand new advanced heuristics detection module named Shuriken that will be integrated into both scanner and protection module.
  • Integrated website blocking options and other customizable policies into the main program interface.
  • Heavily improved command line interface allowing customers to scan and remove automatically and silently.
  • Heavily improved updating module which should solve various updating issues. Also added full proxy support including authentication and integration into the GUI.
  • Fixed a large number of various issues and enhanced overall stability of the scanner and protection module.