ManageWirelessNetworks 1.01      

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Release Date:   2021-08-25

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OS:  Windows Vista/7/8/10 (32Bit/64-bit)

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Reviewed on August 25, 2021

Portable Wi-Fi manager displays all the networks you've used for you to easily edit or delete.

Nirsoft's ManageWirelessNetworks application is an easy-to-use alternative to the integrated Windows network management control. It displays complete information on each of your wireless profiles, including every active and inactive network adapter you have ever connected to on the system.

Supporting all 32- and 64-bit versions of Windows from Vista onward, the portable utility launches to a comprehensive interface. The program immediately displays information on the network profiles on the system - just as the Windows networks management control does - in full detail. The display window, providing more information more comprehensively than you would otherwise see, is headed by the tools enabling you to:

  • Rename profile/SSID names
  • Delete unused profiles
  • Change positions of profiles
  • Switch the connection mode from auto to manual or vice versa
  • Set authentication and encryption modes
  • Duplicate/copy one profile to a second one
  • Save profiles

Manage wireless networks efficiently

Running the wi-fi manager as administrator, you can view the networks found and displayed in the application's interface in several columns. Particularly, Profile Name, SSID, and Connection, Authentication, Encryption Modes for each, the Key Type and Auto Switch, a Yes/No Non-Broadcast switch, and Position. Created and Modified Time columns are also included. The Options menu on the menu bar will enable you to add Wireless Keys allowing you to save or export the keys for the active profile to a text/HTML/XML file.

The toolbar includes such icons for the tools required to edit profiles as copy, save, delete, etc. Editing tools are also available from a right-click context menu which includes mode switching and position changing, but Delete is only available from the toolbar and file tab on the menu bar. The display font name and size can be changed, and wireless profile XML files can also be edited if you are experienced in code editing.

In addition to enabling Wireless Keys, the Options menu includes an option to load only active network profiles. For easy identification, however, green and gray network icons beside each profile indicate their activity status.

Keyboard shortcuts and command-line options to manage wireless networks are available for most profile editing requirements. As a bonus, ManageWirelessNetworks supports several languages. The portable wi-fi manager is a very useful application for reviewing your wireless network profiles on your Windows machines. The wireless network manager is a quick and efficient tool for deleting old profiles and making profiles more recognizable by changing their names.

Software Product Description

Free, portable utility manages wireless networks on Windows.