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Mathematical modeling plays a significant role in different areas of engineering because of its wide application in most modern technological innovations. You need special software to handle this multidisciplinary technology. MathMod is an intuitive program that is useful in converting mathematical expressions into complex models in either 2D or 3D formats. Once you have generated your models, you may visualize them in parametric and implicit forms.

MathMod Features:

  • Support for 3D and 4D hypersurfaces
  • Support for parametric surfaces and isosurfaces
  • Support for morph, scale and rotation effects
  • Support for solid texturing
  • Export K3DSurf scripts to MathMod scripts
  • OBJ output file format
  • Integrated small editor

Using MathMod

MathMod came with many samples we could use to learn the ropes. The program allowed us to edit the equations and scripts for the provided samples, which was important in helping us gain a better understanding of the way different parameters reshaped the related models.

The script generator made it relatively easy for us to come with appropriate scripts depending on the model we wanted to create. We selected either parametric or isosurfaces we wanted, such as Schwartz or BlackHole, on the left side of the program window, and the scripts appeared on the middle pane while the corresponding model appeared on the right side.

We could then edit the equations to create the exact shapes we wanted after clicking the Update button on the lower part of the script pane. We could also change different properties like color and texture. The ability to turn the created models and view them from any angle is especially handy if you are creating models to be used for engineering purposes. It is also useful even if you simply want to get a feel of your model.

Once we had generated our desired models, we exported them to OBJ format so we could use them with different programs.


Although MathMod has a fairly straightforward user interface, using it requires a good understanding of mathematics and some knowledge about the principles of modeling. However, the mathematical modeling software comes with a comprehensive set of examples to help you out. If you still need further assistance, you can use the support forum.

Software Product Description

MathMod is a mathematical modeling software that visualizes and animates implicit and parametric surfaces.


"How to let MathMod use less memory"

Reviewer: -MathMod

Review Date: 2018-06-01

Pros: The mathmodconfig.js configuration file can be modified to let MathMod use low amount of RAM. A copy of mathmodconfig.js can be found in the "Desktop/MathMod-8.0(Winxx) " folder. For example, this configuration use very low amount of RAM : { "IsoParam": { "MaxGrid": 80, "MaxPt": 0.1, "MaxTri": 0.2, .....

Cons: None

Other Thoughts: None


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