MediBang Paint Tablet 7.5      

Size:  9.1MB

License:   FREE

Publisher:  Publisher | Listed Programs

Release Date:   2016-04-24

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OS:  Android 4.0+

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Software Product Description

MediBang Paint for Android is the tablet version of MediBang Paint Pro, a powerful tool for creating comic art. It lets you access and use all the programs powerful features wherever you are.

You will have different types of drawing tools, including pen, pencil, airbrush, blur, watercolor, smudge and bitmap. You will also have different comic book fonts, textures and backgrounds. Premade backgrounds that include features like automobiles and cities will help you reduce your workload because you will not need to draw everything from scratch.

Adding backgrounds, tones and textures is as easy as dragging and dropping them onto your pictures. You can also scale, rotate or transform them easily. Depending on the free comic book fonts you use, you can significantly transform the atmosphere and get a professional appearance. You will have different fonts to suit different scenes.

The app allows you to create panels simply by dragging across your canvas and add color to the new panels. You can also make your drawings in layers, which makes it convenient to edit specific parts without affecting the whole drawing. For example, when you draw the hair in a separate layer, you can change it without interfering with the rest of the head.

The text to speech function lets you add short dialogs quickly. You can also use the keyboard if you want to add longer dialogs.

Registering gives you cloud storage, which not only allows you to access your work online but also share and collaborate with others on desired projects. The ability to share files with teams gives you limitless creative possibilities.

MediBang Paint for Android has a simple graphical user interface, allowing anyone to start making comics in a few simple steps. You may even customize your preferred shortcuts so that you can work faster. You will get a hand-drawn look because the intuitive app changes the lines you draw depending on the amount of pressure you use.