MegaBasterd 1.53      

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Release Date:   2016-11-08

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OS:  Windows, MacOS, Linux

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Reviewed on November 08, 2016

The current fast internet speeds and vast online storage platforms have allowed people to stream, upload and download different types of contents with ease, including video and audio files. MegaBasterd is a special application for performing both tasks quickly as it supports batch uploads and downloads.

Using MegaBasterd

We saved the application in the default folder from where we launched it because it was portable. Please note that you need Java to run the program.

The graphical user interface featured three menu items and two tabs for downloads and uploads. We made a few configurations in the "Downloads" tab to set the way we wanted the program to download files.

We chose to leave the application's default downloads directory although we had the option to change it. We also specified the number of allowed simultaneous downloads. Three check boxes allowed us to verify file integrity after downloading, limit download speed and use multi-slot download mode, which required a restart and was not recommended.

In the "Uploads" tab, we also had the options to limit download speed, set maximum simultaneous uploads and use multi-slot download mode, which was recommended. In addition, we needed to add our MEGA account.

We could copy either folder or file link and pause and resume one or all uploads. The lower part of the window displayed the total upload speed in KB/s. We also viewed upload speeds for individual files just below their respective progress bars.

A link-grabber window allowed us to enter multiple MEGA/megacrypter links, each on a separate line, for downloading files. When uploading files, we entered our master password, which we could let the program remember for the rest of the session. We could add individual files or an entire folder and then remove the files that we did not want to upload. The streamer window let us get a streaming link for required files.


MegaBasterd is a simple tool for streaming, downloading and uploading audio and video content. The Java application is portable and multi-platform, which makes it versatile.

Software Product Description

Megabasterd is a portable multi-platform down/uploader and audio/video streamer for


  • Multi platform.
  • Portable.
  • Supports any MEGA link (/#!, /#F! and /#N!).
  • Supports any clon link of (password protected too).
  • Supports mega://enc, mega://enc2 and mega://elc links.
  • Supports DLC containers.
  • Supports resuming down/uploads.
  • Supports audio/video streaming from any MEGA supported link.
  • Down/up speed limiter.
  • Strong disk encryption for store your sensitive data.
  • Open source.