Memory Hogs 1.44      

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Would you like to know when CPU load or RAM usage has gone above a certain percentage or which process uses the most memory? Memory Hogs is an intuitive PC performance activity monitor that will give you more details than these. You can run the application in stealth mode where it will log events without interrupting the current task.

Using Memory Hogs

Memory Hogs is a portable application that is downloaded as a ZIP archive. You just extract and run it directly.

When we launched the free PC performance activity monitor for the first time, it took quite some time to load the process list. However, we discovered that it was because we needed to perform basic setup first, except that the pop-up window telling us that it was loading the process list partly covered the basic setup instructions window, and we had to move the window to read the instructions. We clicked "OK" and set the number of processes displayed as well as the CPU and RAM thresholds.

The application window is not usually displayed until the threshold values specified have been exceeded. A Tray Tip window appears on the lower right corner of the monitor when a process is not responding.

However, you can change the default setting and choose to display the application window. You may move the main window into any corner of the monitor using Home, End, PageUp and PageDown keys.

The window displayed in real time the CPU load, used RAM and used page in percentage. It also displayed a list of processes based on their RAM use. It showed the process name, RAM used in MB, PID and status. Left double-clicking a task displayed a pop-up window where we could choose to stop or exclude the task. Right double-clicking opened the location of the task with the task itself selected.


Memory Hogs is a handy application for monitoring the performance of a PC and determining the tasks that consume the most memory resources. It also displays the tasks that are not responding above the System Tray, but the pop-up windows can be rather distracting. We could not run the application in stealth mode by clicking ESC to hide its window because it did not respond.

Software Product Description

Monitor Process RAM, CPU Load, Free Diskspace, Used RAM, Used PageFile.


"Recent changes for version 1.35"

Reviewer: -Michael Todd

Review Date: 2016-12-31

Pros: Smoothed out refresh of the list, added CPU per process, display of Icons is optional now, reordered prompts for first time users to fix the issue mentioned in their review.

Cons: None

Other Thoughts: None


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