MeshMolder 6.0 Beta      

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Release Date:   2017-02-20

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Software Product Description

MeshMolder is a 3-D sculpting tool that you can use as clay on your computer. You can also use the free molding software to paint your work and make it more lifelike.

The program's user interface is easy to understand and use, with the tools and functions you need located on the left side. It allows you to use the mouse to add or remove "clay" on required parts of your mold as you turn it around to get the perfect 3-D shape for the object you are creating.

If you are molding something with similar parts such as eyes, the software lets you work on both of them at the same time. The changes you make are applied on both eyes, which saves you time and ensures that they look the same. Of course, you can turn off this function if you want to include different features on each eye.

MeshMolder gives you more than 10 brushes you can use to create organic forms. You also have access to different types of tools such as mesh reduction, unsubdivide, freeze, heightmap, texturing and paint tools. You will also have access to millions of triangles. Points, grades and lines will help you to view and control your meshes.

You can zoom either in or out to help you work better on specific parts of your mold and include finer details. The mold includes light and shadows that not only make it appear more real but also help in the creation process.

MeshMolder is ideal for creating characters for games. The software is still in beta phase, and you can submit any comments you have about it.


  • Subdivision and Unsubdivision;
  • Symmetry sculpting;
  • Mesh Reduction tool;
  • Freeze tool;
  • More ten brushes to creating organic forms;
  • PLY and OBJ file format;
  • Vertex Painting (save in PLY and MET);
  • Millions vertices processing;
  • Freeware;
  • Start Meshes to sculpting;
  • View lines, points and grade to size control meshes;
  • Texture edit;