What's New in version 0.36.3:

  • Support for externally linked tables (#12741)

What's New in version 0.36.2:

Bug fixes:

  • Cannot setup new Metabase instance, when browser locale is different from available language (#13045)
  • Cannot click some card titles on dashboard to go to question (#13042)

What's New in version 0.36.1:

Bug fixes:

  • Data Model Metrics shows error if using special combination of Custom Expressions (#13022)
  • Dashboards with questions, that user doesn't haven't permissions to, breaks completely (#13005)
  • Questions based on Saved Question joined with another Saved Question breaks Notebook (#13000)
  • Field filters break SQL-type questions for Redshift data sources in v0.36.0 (#12984)
  • Snowflake views stopped appearing (#12971)
  • Can't use 'Sum over time' or 'Distribution' with nested question (#12568)
  • Dashboard filter not working correctly when Field Type is Unix Timestamp (#12362)
  • Filters are sometimes not applied when downloading data (#11557)
  • Snowflake Tables Don't Show (#9511)
  • 'Custom Mapping' Display Value option is not available on tables with NULL entries (#8116)
  • 'Is empty' option filters out only NULL String (#5299)

What's New in version 0.36.0:

New features and improvements:

SQL/native query snippets:

  • You can now save bits of SQL or native queries and refer to them in your queries via a tag, like {{ snippet: My Great Snippet }}. Updating the definition of a snippet will update every query that uses that snippet. Just click the icon with the three lines in the native query editor to open up the SQL snippets sidebar. Any user with SQL editor permissions for at least one database can use, create, and edit snippets.

Language selection:

  • Instead of changing the language in the UI for each user based on their browser's language settings, Metabase now lets admins pick the language for the instance on the Localization tab of the Settings page in the Admin Panel. Users can also change their personal language preferences from their Account Settings page.

Better value labels for line, area, bar, and combo charts:

  • You can now turn on value labels for charts with multiple series, and selectively turn labels on or off for individual series.

Reorderable table columns in the Data Model:

  • You can now change the default order for table columns, and choose between database order, alphabetical, custom order, or the old 'smart' ordering. You can also click and drag on columns to reorder them manually.

A reorganized Data Model section:

  • We've moved things around a bit in the Data Model section: there are now tabs at the top to see all of the Segments and Metrics you've defined across your whole instance, so you no longer need to drill down through your tables to find a Segment or Metric.


  • Search: don't show inaccessible metrics & segments (#12916)
  • Fix z-index for all auth wrappers (#12894)
  • make jetty request header size configurable (#12683)
  • Update data model nav (#12665)
  • Improve error message when attempting to connect to Mongo with SSL (#12605)
  • Don't complain about API endpoints/schemas missing docstrings when running linters (#12417)

Bug fixes:

  • :user-joined and :create-user activities not saved to activity log during setup (#12933)
  • Error when updating Max Cache Entry Size: 'Values greater than {1} are not allowed' (#12884)
  • Sync not triggered for database added during setup (#12826)
  • Download not working on revoking raw sql query access (#12745)
  • Sync DB schema loses manual schema config (#12680)
  • Can't create new Slack Metabot (#12678)
  • Password reset doesn't work on low-resolution screens (#12658)
  • Cannot start Metabase on Turkish language OS (#12623)
  • Documentation links in app not correct (#12615)
  • SQLite does not support Right or Full Outer joins (#12598)
  • Sanitize field names better (#12592)
  • Query fails on 'Error reducing result rows' on cumulative aggregations with null-values (#12585)
  • Can't use 'Sum over time' or 'Distribution' with nested question (#12568)
  • Trend visualization fails, when results comes from cache (#12556)
  • Column type of aggreated column in sql view is unkown (#12547)
  • Creating a dashboard with a nested query Card can result in all dashboards being broken until hard refreshing (#12518)
  • Homepage is missing sections (X-rays and Our data) after setup (#12510)
  • viewing Card with another Card as source query gets stuck on loading spinner forever (#12501)
  • Drill-through is broken on nested question on dashboard (#12455)
  • Visualization type gets reset to 'Table' (different scenarios) (#12361)
  • Some users don't have permission to view query with a subquery, but can view the subquery directly (#12354)
  • java.lang.ClassCastException: class java.time.Instant cannot be cast to class java.time.chrono.ChronoLocalDateTime (#12311)
  • 'Custom Column' with a / (slashes) in name will fail the query (#12305)
  • Dashboard filter dropdown not working when linked to question joined table (#12250)

What's New in version 0.35.4:

  • Custom column concat function errors on Amazon Redshift when using 3 or more parameters (#12544)
  • Fingerprinting breaks on infinities (#12511)
  • Custom columns failing when joined data has over about 30 columns (#12481)
  • Fixed an issue where the Metabase logo was displaying too small (#12441)
  • Adding custom field result in not being able to find columns from table (#12397)
  • Create Slack Bot button has gone missing (#12382)
  • Cannot view/edit table-level permissions for databases that are not schema-based (#12372)
  • 'Error reducing result rows' exception when downloading full results (#12339)
  • Unable to create new personalized questions (#12323)
  • Custom Column 'ERROR: missing FROM-clause entry for table' Postgres (#12304)
  • Upgrade to 0.35.0 release fails (#12223)
  • Object Details (single record view) places the results outside of view (#11887)
  • Zero-dates cause Pulses to fail (#11665)
  • Cannot save question when results are empty (#11256)
  • Line/area/bar charts are hiding x-axis labels too aggressively when scale is set to Timeseries (#11158)
  • java.lang.NullPointerException when use TIMEDIFF (#10983)
  • Not possible to restore visibility after setting 'Do Not Include' in Data Model (#10297)
  • Cannot read property 'lat' of null - Allow filter empty/not empty (like for dates) (#7361)
  • Auto-refresh doesn't work for dashboards if redirected after login (#7244)
  • Clicking link to unsaved question when logged out takes you to 404 page after login (#6317)
  • Raw queries with 'ON' date filter are broken for Druid [Regression] (#6290)

What's New in version 0.35.3:


  • Improved error log messages on async responses (#12233)

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed a bug where homepage is missing sections (X-rays and Our data) on login with Google Signin (#12359)
  • Fixed an issue where it was not possible to view or restore a table after setting Visibility to 'Hidden' in Data Model (#12344)
  • Corrected replace function name (#12306)
  • Fixed an issue where saving native queries failed due to incomplete results_metadata (#12265)
  • Fixed an issue where a query with the same column names didn't display properly (#12252)
  • Fixed query failing on 'Error reducing result rows' (#12251)
  • Fixed regression with column not found error after adding a custom column (#12243)
  • Fixed MBQL normalization bug (#11897)

What's New in version 0.35.2:

  • Improve form error handling (#12291)
  • Fix email settings 'Send test email' and 'Clear' buttons (#12275, #12274)
  • Fix 'Premium embedding' setting (#12273)
  • Fix: Cannot view/edit table-level permissions for databases that are not schema-based (#12269)

What's New in version 0.35.1:

Bug fixes:

  • This release fixes two high priority bugs that were in version 0.35.0
  • Fixed a bug with date field filter variables in native queries and dashboards
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing filtering on columns from manually joined tables


  • You can download a .jar of the release, or get the latest on Docker. Make sure to back up your Metabase database before you upgrade! Need help? Check out our upgrading instructions.
  • Docker image: metabase/metabase:v0.35.1
  • Download the JAR here:


  • SHA-256 checksum for the 0.35.1 JAR:

What's New in version 0.35.0:

Filter expressions, string extracts, and more:

  • We've added filter expressions to let you write more complex filters that include ORs in them, and have also added a whole host of new spreadsheet-like functions to the custom column and custom metric formula editors.
  • Reference saved questions in your SQL queries:
  • You can now reference the results of saved questions in your SQL or native queries using syntax like with my_result as {{ #123 }} select * from my_result, where #123 is the ID number of a saved question.

Performance improvements:

  • We've refactored a number of things in this version, including how we handle the saved question 'database' that allows you to use the results of saved questions as starting data for new ones. We hope you'll find that the net result is a much snappier loading times of pages throughout much of Metabase.

Minor Enhancements:

  • Replace util fns with ones from (updated) medley (#12061)
  • Add background hover on bubble radio items (#12055)
  • Add hover color to dash card titles (#12053)
  • Add 'block' support to Select (#11894)

Bug fixes:

  • Improve chart value labels styling (#12160)
  • Can't scroll columns list when creating a filter in the notebook (#12139)
  • Cannot filter on joined/linked table when question has Custom Column (#12129)
  • Expressions - Certain function text is impossible to read on hover (#12103)
  • Homepage is missing sections (X-rays and Our data) on login (#12085)
  • Public shared question does not show Y-axis (#12018)
  • User with no data access are not allowed to see questions (#11932)
  • Druid v0.17.0 Error for a simple query (#11925)
  • Dashboard filter using boolean value sends string on browser reload (#11911)
  • Cannot use mixed-type question filters on dashboard (#11882)
  • Fixed a bug with date/range native query template tags for Unix timestamp columns (#11934)
  • Don't use system command as alias with MySQL (#12098)
  • Attempt to infer better base type for native queries (#12150)
  • Fix some typos in docs (#12142)

What's New in version 0.34.2:

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed filtering on time fields in BigQuery (#11725)
  • MongoDB single date/month field filters aren't working correctly (#11715)
  • MongoDB single date field filters aren't working correctly (#11690)
  • MongoDB Field filters variable in native query with nested fields not working (#11597)
  • Native Query cannot be cancelled (#11713)
  • Disappearing X-Axis in Scatter Plot (#11688)
  • 'Add to dashboard' popup shown when starting a new question (#11666) (#10672)
  • Postgres 'money' type breaks visualization (#11498)
  • Postgres: Casting to Money is broken (#3754)
  • Cannot click on some 'Saved Questions' in personal collection (#11496)
  • Diacritics in a user's name prevent a user's personal collection from being created via LDAP SSO (#10738)
  • Text columns are converted aggressively to DateTime in charts (#11069)
  • When report-timezone is set, Snowflake dates are returned from the day prior (#11036)
  • Permission error messages are not showing (#10921)
  • Don't abort on any 403 (#10816)
  • Make MySQL metadata use utf8mb4 (#10691)
  • Unexpected end of stream, read 0 bytes from 7 (#9885)
  • Prefix '?' gets converted to '?' on save on RDS (#5192)

Minor enhancements:

  • We now log a warning when connecting to unsupported MySQL versions (#11767)
  • We've updated the Google Analytics driver's Google dependency version (#11733)

What's New in version 0.34.1:

Bug fixes:

  • LDAP group sync broken on 0.34.0 (#11617)
  • PermissionSQL questions cannot be viewed after granted 'View access' (#11672)
  • Unable to connect Presto in v0.34.0 (#11598)
  • Can't edit segments (#11343)
  • Charts not working with window smaller than 800px wide (#11619)
  • Field filters mismatch Datetimes and Timestamps (#11578)
  • Can't break out Google Analytics metrics by Date:Month (#11489)
  • Metabase does not install new version of database plugins when upgrading (#11699)
  • Fix issues where dates in Pulses could be formatted with wrong year (year of the start of the week instead of actual year) (#11692)
  • Pulse charts don't honor custom column names (#11655)
  • Boolean field filters don't work correctly for Oracle (#11693)
  • MongoDB single date field filters aren't working correctly (#11690)
  • Trend/SmartScalar visualization returns NaN when &'37; growth over 1000 (#11630)
  • Automagic dashboards fail on PeriodDuration.between (#11603)
  • Native query on sql server with filter on bit column type throws exception- Invalid column name 'TRUE'. (#11592)
  • Native/SQL editor displaces cursor one position to the right of mouse click (#11584)
  • Interrupted typing when adding a SQL parameter (#11581)
  • Native/SQL variable panel, cards jumps around when editing (#11580)
  • Native questions shows Save-button without changing anything (#11572)
  • Trend/Smart Number does not work when dates are descending (#11089)


  • GeoJSON proxy response performance improvements and improved resource cleanup (#11706)

What's New in version 0.34.0:

New features and enhancements:

  • Added support for variables and field filters in native Mongo queries (#3653)
  • Added option to display data values on Line, Bar, and Area charts (#4788)
  • Improved behavior of SQL editor to no longer fade out previous results when editing a query (#10975, #11361)
  • Improved the behavior when auto-visualizing GUI queries to persist the selected visualization (#10957)
  • Dashboard cards now scroll the browser window when dragging to move them (#5333 thanks @maxzheng!)
  • Updated and optimized world and US states map files (#11436 thanks @flamber!)

Bug fixes:

  • This release includes an overhaul of how Metabase handles timezones, and includes many fixes for timezone-related bugs and issues.
  • Presto timezone bug (#10487)
  • Date filter is not working correctly [MySQL] (#7968)
  • TimeZone Problem [MySQL] (#6273)
  • Datetime SQL parameters bug [MySQL] (#8567)
  • Inconsistent timezone handling for time values (#10366)
  • Zoom In for a table cell shows the values of the cell above, when using Group By Date Period (#11251)
  • Google Analytics days/months/etc off by one (#4372)
  • Google Analytics: Date filter 'current' use wrong dates (#4492)
  • Wrong Data fetched when using date Variables in query when using 'between' in where clause. (#8861)
  • Bug: wrong date label displayed on line chart (#9366)
  • Metabase uses UTC to determine current week for Google Analytics query filters (#9467)
  • Google Analytics driver should use ga:yearWeek, not ga:isoYearIsoWeek in week segmentation (#9474)
  • Google Analytics question shows days/weeks/months off by one (#9476)
  • Google Analytics - Filter by Prior [X] Months Breaks 'Last Month' (#10701)

Additional fixes:

  • Date filters throw error (BigQuery, v0.33.4) (#11222)
  • Maximum call stack size exceeded opening a dashboard (#10127, #6701)
  • Infinite loop on pie chart rendering (#11122)
  • Cannot add more than one foreign key columns if primary columns are removed (#11499)
  • Filter Equal with multiple IDs of Entity Key only shows Object Details of single ID (#11162)
  • Column heading Filter does not load data options on first popup (#11120)
  • Setup Page does not show any error messages (#10926)
  • Docker Image Nearly Doubled in Size (#10771)
  • French Guiana labelled as France in Map figures (#8609)
  • Y-axis label requires manual entry (#10765)

What's New in version

  • Important security fix for Google Auth login

What's New in version 0.33.6:

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed regression that could cause saved questions to fail to render (#11297)
  • Fixed regression where No Results icon didn't show (#11282)
  • Pie chart visual improvements (#10837)
  • Fixed issue where changing table column order would prompt you to run the query again (#10466)
  • Full list of closed issues is here.


  • SHA-256 checksum for the 0.33.6 JAR:

What's New in version

New features:

  • Added Slovak translation (#11177)


  • Fixed support for MySQL 8 with the default authentication method (#9820)
  • Fixed issues where timeline labels in timeseries charts chould show repeated months (#5916)
  • Fixed errors with MySQL JSON columns (#9800, #9801)
  • Fixed issues with X-axis label formatting in timeseries charts (#11113)
  • Fixed issues with changing granularity in Google Analytics queries (#11137)
  • Fixed missing data in tooltips in charts using the Linear Interpolation option (#11205)
  • Fixed issue where Dashboards in mobile browsers did not render numbers in a human-friendly format (#10716)
  • Fixed errors when syncing data warehouse columns whose type name is very long (#11002)

What's New in version 0.33.1:


  • Some UX improvements to the log-in screen (#10009)
  • Pie charts are now centered on the screen (#10201)

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed conditional formatting not working (#10663)
  • Fixed an issue where some previously saved column settings were not applied (#10703)
  • Fixed an issue where pulses were not loading (#9891)
  • Fixed the new metric query builder bar displaying 'Invalid' (#10684)
  • Fixed an issue where dashboard card viz settings weren't viewable in the Mac app or Safari (#10677)
  • Fixed a bug that prevented viewing a dashboard without data access permission for fields connected to filters (#10656)
  • Fixed an issue with migrations causing failures with multiple instances (#10651)
  • Fixed Row Chart displaying incorrect data (#10580)
  • Fixed an issue where the World Region map would freeze the question/dashboard window (#10483)
  • Fixed intermittent errors when loading dashboards with filters (#9955)
  • Fixed a bug with stacked bar chart drill-throughs being incorrect (#9361)
  • Fixed a performance issue where dashboards in full screen were hanging Chromium and Firefox (#9359)
  • Fixed an issue where not all the requested fields were showing up in tooltips(#8446)
  • Fixed a bug where tables weren't loading when the Sample Dataset was removed (#8532)
  • Fixed a display bug with Pulses where columns were being compressed (#8446)
  • Fixed a column order problem with multi series breakouts (#6847)
  • Fixed heatmap legends not being binned and overflowing (#6766)
  • Fixed a bug where saved questions were incorrectly showing up as a 'database' in the permissions screen (#5617)
  • Fixed a pie chart display problem on mobile or small width on 0.33 (#10717)
  • Fixed a bug where pie charts overlapped titles (#10700)
  • Fixed Trend widget not working with years (#10699)
  • Fixed some UI problems with 'connected to' counters (#6830)
  • Fixed a bug in the display of answers for large integer numbers (#5816)
  • Fixed an issue while sorting on aggregated values (#10421)
  • Fixed tables not allowing sorting on named aggregations (#10422)
  • Fixed a bug where when a dashboard included a card someone doesn't have access to, it results in a JavaScript error rather than an informative message (#10247)
  • Fixed an issue in the Admin Panel where error messages weren't displaying when adding Oracle DB
  • (#10583)
  • Fixed an issue where users were getting a 'too many attempts' message when repeatedly logging in with correct password (#8736)
  • Fixed a bug where navigating directly to a dashboard with custom SQL and parameters failed (#10350)
  • Fixed an issue where NGINX_SERVER_NAME directive denies any access on elastic beanstalk (#6233)


  • SHA-256 checksum for the 0.33.1 JAR:

What's New in version 0.33.0:

  • A simple exploratory mode for asking questions
  • A more powerful notebook-style query builder
  • Better search

What's New in version 0.32.10:

  • Reenable nonnumeric data to make up the cells of pivot tables (#8926)
  • Fixeddashboard filters connected to different columns (#7640)
  • Fixed dashboard filters on linked columns (#9364)
  • Fixed dashboard filters not being able to be connected with a brand new dashboard (#10085)
  • Fixed linked columns not being able to be added to a table (#9144)
  • Improved logic for rounding or not rounding small number cards in dashboards (#4369)
  • Fixed a bug where users couldn't log out or go automatically logged in in certain situations (#10039)
  • Fixed a bug where when creating a new segment or metric it would require a description of changes (#10209)
  • Allow other protocols to be clickable links (#10028)
  • Make sure newly added users show up right away on the People page (#9857)
  • Make sure admin settings dropdowns display their selection even when it's the default value (#9098)
  • Fixed a behavior where category filters were jumping around when searching (#10162)
  • Prevent exceptions when clicking on embedded dashboards (#7641 and #7137)
  • Fixed a bug where grouping by week wasn't working when language settings were changed (#9892)
  • Fixed an issue with charts overflowing the x-axis when a custom y-axis value is set (#10396)
  • Fixed a bug with converting data to Dates (#10020)
  • Fixed an issue with pie chart legends having too many decimal places (#10385)
  • Fixed pulse card rendering (#10326)
  • Fixed a problem with reordering filters in dashboards (#10299)
  • Fixed an issue with Data Model table search being broken (#10272)
  • Fixed an issue with minified React (#10191)
  • Fixed date range picker unchecking the 'include today' option when date range is changed (#10249)
  • Fixed home page not loading if a user has no permissions to data (#10212)
  • Better time-series axis placement (#10280)
  • Fixed misaligned tooltips in Firefox (#10184)

What's New in version 0.33.0 Preview:

  • Version 0.33 of Metabase will introduce two whole new ways to eplore your data and get answers without using SQL. Because this is a pretty large change, we're doing an early preview release to let you try things out and let us know what you think.
  • We'll likely do a few of these prereleases before the final release, and things are likely to change between now and then.

Some highlights of this new upcoming version:

  • A more powerful graphical query builder that allows you to create joins, do post-aggregation filtering, or multiple stages of aggregating, and more.
  • A simpler eploratory mode that allows for easy summarizing, pivoting, and visualizing data.

What's New in version 0.32.6:

  • Fixed regression where queries could fail with Could not initialize class error messages (#9769)
  • Fixed regression where Dashboards would fail to fully populate (#9693)
  • Fixed regression where CSV/XLSX downloads would be incorrectly limited to 2,000 rows (#9831)
  • Fixed longstanding issue where Google Analytics queries generated 8-day ranges for previous/next week queries (#9475)
  • Performance improvements when running queries (#9918, #9911)
  • Security improvements by further tightening our Content-Security-Policy header (#9899)
  • Fixed non-null constraint violation errors when syncing certain MongoDB databases (#9888)
  • Fixed longstanding timezone issues in SQL Server (#8326)
  • Fixed longstanding issue where XLS/CSV download for embedded Questions would be limited to 2000 or 10,000 rows (depending on type of query) (#9651)
  • Fixed Invalid response from database driver. No :status provided. error messages (#9818)
  • Fixed issues when setting Metabase site URL via environment variables (#9849)
  • Fixed bug that could cause application to fail to load if value of site-url was invalid (#9764)
  • Fixed Refused to load manifest from 'http://localhost:3000/app/assets/img/site.webmanifest' errors (#9745)
  • Update to latest Redshift JDBC driver version (#9922)
  • Fixed log configuration error messages on launch (#9771)

What's New in version 0.32.5:

  • Fix issues in Dashboards where Cards with long-running queries would load slowly or not at all (#9693)
  • Major improvements to the way Metabase handles long-running queries to prevent reverse proxies like nginx from canceling them due to timeouts before they finish (#9817)
  • Fix issue where H2 to MySQL/Postgres migration tool could fail with sizeX cannot be null message (#9756)
  • Fix issue where maps powered by custom GeoJSON files would not display on embedded Dashboards (#5338)

What's New in version 0.32.3:

  • Fixed issue where copying a dashboard created an empty dashboard (#9683)
  • Fixed issue where login did not work when running Metabase in a non-root context (#9718)
  • Fixed issue where Metabase did not keep connections alive for slow-running queries (#9693)
  • Fixed issue where Snowflake connections failed with 'Authentication token expired' errors (#9674)
  • Improved error handling when unable to save TaskHistory rows for constrained application DBs like Heroku hobby instances (#9723)

What's New in version 0.32.2:

Improvements and fixes:

  • Fixed dashboard date filters on single dates (#9090)
  • Fixed an issue where bar and line charts in dashboards that included multiple questions were incorrectly displaying with the same color (#9636)
  • Fixed an issue where when an instance was set up with HTTPS, log in over HTTP stopped working (#9630)
  • Fixed an issue where Quartz job store didn't work when using MySQL application database with SSL connection (#9650)

What's New in version 0.32.1:

  • Fixed MySQL connections with SSL (#9629)
  • Fixed an issue where tables were sometimes not syncing correctly (#6825 and #6953)