What's New in version 0.39.3:


  • LDAP settings form hitting wrong API endpoint on save (#16173)
  • Fix Serialization P1s (#15756)
  • Test LDAP settings before saving (#11446)

Bug fixes:

  • Feature flag causes problems with Number filters in Native query (#16218)
  • Revoking access to users in multiple groups does not correctly cleanup GTAP (#16190)
  • ExpressionEditor loses value when user resizes browser window (#16127)
  • ExpressionEditor loses value when user clicks away from associated name input (#16126)
  • Filter dropdown not working for non-data users, when field has 300+ distinct values. (#16112)
  • Tooltip only shows first Y-axis value when X-axis is numeric and style is Ordinal/Histogram (#15998)
  • Gauge visualization on small screens can cause frontend refresh on hover (#15980)
  • Serialization: field-literal converted to field since 1.39.0 (#15971)
  • Serialization dumps with static references instead of paths in 1.39.0 (#15812)
  • Incorrect result + loss of user input when summarizing with Saved Question (#15725)
  • Some places shows {0} placeholder instead of expected value (#15694)
  • Serialization load-process does not update source-table in joins, leading to broken questions (#15283)
  • Unchecking 'Remember me' box has no effect -- close the browser and reopen, then go back to your MB instance and you're still logged in (#15223)
  • Serialization dump includes Personal Collections (#15120)
  • Serialization: Nested question references questions in other collection are moved and becomes corrupted (#14914)
  • Serialization: Snippet folders and Collections collide on dump because of missing namespace separation (#14910)
  • Serialization: Snippets are not transferred correctly, leading to incorrect references and broken queries (#14909)
  • Serialization: Click Behavior not translating entitiy ID on dump, potentially referencing wrong entities on load (#14566)
  • Wrong LDAP port input (non-numeric) can cause complete lockout (#13313)
  • Nested queries using metric got wrong SQL (#12507)
  • Cannot aggregate question with unix timestamp column that is converted/cast in Metabase (#12430)
  • Nested queries using metrics need to include all columns used in metric filters (#8856)

What's New in version 0.39.2:


  • Show right versions on enterprise custom builds (#15677)
  • Not possible to select pinned collection item using checkbox (#15338)
  • Collection tree loader causes UI jump (#14603)
  • Need better instructions for setting up Google Auth (#9744)

Bug fixes:

  • Regression combining Druid date filters with dimension filters (#15903)
  • Regression in filtering Druid table where greater than date (#15902)
  • Variable Field Type after upgrade 'Input to parse-value-to-field-type does not match schema' (#15901)
  • Whitelabel favicon does not work correctly in all browsers (#15711)
  • The new 'contains' behavior for field value lookup doesn't work outside of dashboards (#15240)
  • Cannot restore table visibility in Data Model, when database is down (#15165)
  • LDAP user authorization failed with $ in password (#15145)
  • Difficult to use some filters, when user has no data permissions [FE - Filter widget stops working if API endpoint returns 403] (#15119)
  • Serialization: Dashboard cards are corrupted, when questions are outside of dashboard collection (#14912)
  • Filters with dropdown lists uses query on the database (#13832)
  • Login Failing for LDAP if user email isn't lowercase (#13739)
  • Startup warning about unsupported class will impact performance (#13625)
  • Auth Returns 400 Bad Request instead of 401 Unauthorized upon wrong credentials submission (#13140)

What's New in version 0.39.1:


  • Table with multiple Entity Key columns incorrectly filtering on 'Connected To' drill-through (#5648)

Bug fixes:

  • Tooltip shows incorrect values on unaggregated data with breakout (#15785)
  • Can't use parentheses as expected in filter expressions (#15754)
  • UI prevents adding 2 parameters to Percentile() function (#15714)
  • Login logo is left-aligned on EE, when whitelabel features are enabled (#15713)
  • No loading spinner when clicking a Collection on the home page (#15221)
  • Tooltip on unaggregated data does not show summed value like the visualization (#11907)

What's New in version 0.38.1:


  • Breadcrumbs can be confusing (the current one 'seems' clickable when it's not) (#14879)
  • Difficult to see which cells has 'Click behavior' vs normal behavior (#13548)

Bug fixes:

  • Serialization dump of aggregated questions are not copied over on load (#15048)
  • Serialization doesn't update Sub-Query variable reference (#15047)
  • Oracle, BigQuery filtering by column with day-of-week bucketing not working (#15044)
  • Pivot Table export not working on unsaved questions (#15027)
  • Pivot Table does not work for users without data permissions (#14989)
  • Pivot Table not working with Sandboxed user (#14969)
  • BigQuery: Joins in the query builder generate invalid table aliases (#14933)
  • BigQuery: Question Stays running until timeout when query is error in Native Query (#14918)
  • Serialization: Archived items are included in dump (#14911)
  • regexextract breaks query on sandboxed table (#14873)
  • Multi-level aggregations fails when filter is the last section (#14872)
  • Pivot queries aren't recorded to query execution log (#14765)
  • Start of Week not applied to Field Filter in Native question, which can lead to incorrect results (#14294)
  • In Safari 14, add-grouping button disappears randomly but consistently (#14131)
  • Serialization does not initialize 3rd party drivers when loading a dump (#13614)
  • Wrong day names are displayed when using not-Sunday as start of the week and grouping by 'Day of week' (#13604)
  • Object Detail previous/next buttons not working correctly (#13250)
  • Global number formatting does not apply to percentages (#12659)
  • Native question filter widget reordering doesn't work (#9357)

What's New in version 0.38.0:


  • Pivot tables (#8572)
  • Waterfall charts (#11904)
  • Dashboard subscriptions (#13671)
  • Collections Redesign Implementation (#13660)
  • Restyled drill-through and actions popover (#13695)
  • Sandboxing: peek at metadata for native SQL sandboxing queries by running them as a test user (#13716)
  • Add timeouts for both configurations (#13568)
  • Add Swiss number formatting (Localization - Separator Style) (#13348)
  • Run metabase helm chart on a kubernetes cluster which has pod security policy (#13147)
  • Don't set Site URL on requests from ELB HealthChecker (#12996)
  • Request to add Updated timestamp type to data model, or generic timestamp type (#12386)
  • Docker image can not run as non-root (#9861)
  • Add option to disable user ID/hash remark added to every SQL question (#8539)
  • Add field descriptions to lists of fields in the Data Reference (#6316) thanks to @rthouvenin!
  • Support unix timestamps in microseconds (s) (#1889)
  • Add Special Type: DateTime String (ISO) (#1576)
  • Write a smarter linter for our Liquibase migrations YAML file (#14092)
  • Add a lightweight notify api endpoint (#14634)
  • Allow usage of PKCS-12 certificates with Postgres connections (#14626)
  • add cmd rotate-encryption-key (#14552)
  • fix(rotate-encryption-key) settings-last-updated is not encrypted (#14769)
  • Login page should automatically focus on the email input field (#14505)

Bug fixes:

  • Datetime fingerprinters are incorrect for :type/UNIXTimestampSeconds columns (#14067)
  • Object Details breaks if Field Type is 'Field containing JSON', but data is not JSON (#12600)
  • On startup sync, application says refingerprinting rather than fingerprinting (#14411)
  • startup logging of database changes has null values in logs (#14409)
  • 'Automatically run queries' setting should default to ON when adding a new database (#14334)
  • on startup sync, application says refingerprinting rather than fingerprinting (#14411)
  • Startup logging of database changes has null values in logs (#14409)
  • 'Automatically run queries' setting should default to ON when adding a new database (#14334)
  • Moved collections not being correctly included in api/collection/tree API response (#14280)
  • Subcollection permissions not working right in sidebar on master (#14114)
  • Advanced Sandboxing ignores Data Model features like Object Detail of FK (#14740)
  • Custom GeoJSON files are not sorted in the dropdown (#14696)
  • user@password JDBC connection strings for application DB no longer work (#14678)
  • Shrunken bubbles shown in question for null values (#14662)
  • Drilling down by a Region Map assigns the wrong value to the filter (#14650)
  • Using 'Reset to defaults' on textbox causes it to become a corrupted card on dashboard (#14644)
  • Sandboxing on tables with remapped FK (Display Values) causes query to fail (#14629)
  • dump-to-h2 does not return a non-zero exit code on failure (#14614)
  • Bar chart x-axis positions can cause different spacing depending on the dates returned (#14605)
  • dump-to-h2 with --dump-plaintext should check for presence of MB_ENCRYPTION_SECRET_KEY (#14588)
  • Token check retry is too aggressive (#14514)
  • Click Behavior with cross-filter sometimes does not list column options (#14473)
  • Sandboxed question with case Custom Field doesn't substitute the 'else' argument's table (#14859)
  • Custom Expression using case() function fails when referencing the same column names (#14854)
  • Filtering a Custom Column does not give correct results when using 'Not equal to' (#14843)
  • Cannot remove columns via QB sidebar, then query fails, but works if being removed via Notebook (#14841)
  • Advanced Sandboxing ignores Data Model features like Object Detail of FK (#14740)
  • Advanced Sandboxing using questions that return more/other columns than the sandboxed table is not possible anymore, but the errors are not helpful (#14612)

What's New in version 0.37.4:

Bug fixes:

  • Error in Query: Input to aggregation-name does not match schema (#14080)
  • Exports always uses UTC as timezone instead of the selected Report Timezone (#13677)
  • Between Dates filter behaves inconsistently based on whether the column is from a joined table or not (#12872)

What's New in version

  • Fix: BigQuery not working in 0.36.8/0.37.0
  • Fix: Specify location on getQueryResults calls

What's New in version

Dashboard interactivity:

  • Metabase 0.37 introduces some simple but powerful building blocks for adding interactivity to dashboards. You can combine these tools to build rich pathways through multiple dashboards to help users make sense of their data.


  • You can now set up a chart on a dashboard to update the value of a filter in the dashboard when the chart is clicked.

Linked dashboard filters:

  • Say you have a State dashboard filter as well as a City one. In 0.37, you can now link the City filter to the State filter so that it only displays cities that make sense with the selected state.

Custom click destinations:

  • If you have a high level overview dashboard, you can now set things up so that clicking on a chart in that dashboard will send your users to another dashboard or saved question in Metabase, or to any other URL you'd like. To make it even better, you can also pass along values from the dashboard to the destination to filter it, or to customize the URL.
  • Pick the first day of the week:
  • Not everyone's week starts on Sunday, so Metabase now lets you pick what the first day of the week should be.

Additional enhancements:

  • Fix null handling in filters regression (#13570)
  • Add translation for Bulgarian (#13558)
  • Update translations for final 0.37 release (#13519)
  • Only get substrings in fingerprinting when supported [ci drivers] (#13432)
  • Suppress drag behavior when custom click behavior is set (#13414)
  • Disable Done button in cases where click behavior target isn't specified (#13413)
  • Interactivity summary tokens squashed on small dashboard cards (#13411)
  • When mapping dashboard filters to columns, SQL questions should display the name of the column mapped to the field filter (#13376)
  • Embedded versions of new chain filters endpoints (#13367)
  • Update login layout and illustration. (#13099)
  • Field Filter variables in SQL question dont show table name when connecting filters in dashboard (#12792)
  • Upgrade to log4j 2.x (#12719)
  • SQL: sync only tables for which we have SELECT privilege (#10892)
  • Option to limit tables/fields that are synced to specific schemas (#2591)
  • We should have a way to check for table permissions when it affects schema visibility (#1654)
  • Remove email case sensitivity from logins (#3047)
  • We are now smarter about tagging state fields (#13512)
  • To improve debugging, admin panel logs now show stacktraces (#12851)

Bug fixes:

  • Click behavior to Dashboard shown on Public/Embedded (#13551)
  • NO_COLOR/MB_COLORIZE_LOGS does not remove all ansi codes (#13538)
  • Filtering a joined table column by 'Is not' or 'Does not contain' fails (#13534)
  • Monday week start displays incorrectly on bar chart (#13516)
  • Linked filter showing all values (not filtering) (#13491)
  • log4j should not output to file by default (#13422)
  • weird edit state when saving a dashboard with incomplete click behavior (#13412)
  • Hovering on custom map no longer displays region name, displays region identifier instead (#13410)
  • 'Click behavior' to URL for non-table card, doesn't show reference fields to use as variables (#13407)
  • Variables from Saved Question are referencing the same question (#13406)
  • Cannot create custom drill-through to dashboard (#13404)
  • After clicking a custom link that passes a value to a param, clicking Back shouldn't bring that value to the original dashboard (#13380)
  • Customizing a dashboard card's click behavior without specifying a destination causes strange behavior (#13375)
  • Canceling the dashboard archive action takes you to the collection (#13374)
  • 'Does not contain' and 'Is not' filter also removes nulls (#13332)
  • Forward slash on table name causes ORA-01424 and blocks the sync step (#13225)
  • MySQL grouping on a TIME field is not working (#12846)
  • Presto not respecting SSL and always uses http instead of https (#13295)
  • Don't try to sync Postgres schemas or tables current user has no perms for (#10139)
  • Postgres sync not respecting SSH tunneling (#8396)
  • Public dashboards does not show title in browser tab/window (#12227)
  • Public Shared dashboard/question is missing description :info:-icon (#12015)
  • Include Mouseover Description For Question Embeds (#8117)
  • Public Link file format quick selector missing (#12406)
  • Additional question column scrollbar issue in dashboard widget edit modal (#11129)
  • SQL Server connector apparently using wrong port (#9226)
  • Pulse sparklines with null in temporal column no longer fails (#12653)
  • Creating an alert always no longer turns on email alerts when they are toggled off (#12349)
  • Timeseries tick labels are now not always in English even when interface is another langage (#11319)
  • Dashboard will no longer break after changing question variable that is already linked on dashboard (#9299)
  • Fixes to Google Analytics and Segments (#13362)
  • Many fixes to Excel (XLSX) and CSV export (#13447)
  • Clicking on an ID field no longer shows an error (#13263)
  • Fix to syncing with column type 'year' (#13203)
  • Fix to permission paths with slash in schema names (#12450)
  • Column title is no longer incorrect when joining by shared foreign key (#11452)
  • You can now browse a BigQuery table when you have an integer column that's set as foreign key or entity key (#13475)

Security improvements:

  • Updated jetty to 9.4.32.v20200930 to address (#13510)

What's New in version 0.36.6:

  • Fix: Custom Column not working on (#13241)

What's New in version


  • Remappings should work on broken out fields (#5600)

Bug fixes:

  • Sync fails on Turkish system language on startup and crashes instance (#13102)
  • LDAP auth doesn't support IPv6 addresses (#12879)
  • Scheduled Jobs triggering on non-existant Database (#11813)
  • Cannot use Saved Question, when original question uses 'Display values'='Use foreign key' (#10474)
  • Can't sync MariaDB System-Versioned tables (#9887)
  • Floating-point rounding errors in UI for very large integers (JS stores all numbers as 64-bit floats) (#5816)
  • Support unicode parameter names -- all non-ASCII characters are converted to _ when slugifying (#5313)
  • Admin Settings page doesn't surface errors when saving settings (#4506)
  • Trying to log in via Google Auth with a disabled account should display an error (#3245)

What's New in version 0.36.4:


  • Handle large Slack channel lists (#11735)

Bug fixes:

  • Slack pulse issue with 0.36.0: Slack channel named metabase_files is missing & other channels missing from Pulse dropdown with > 1000 Slack channels (#12978)
  • Only admins can search for tables via universal search. (#12332)
  • MongoDB: Error filtering by ObjectId field with 'Is empty' or 'Not empty' options (#11134)
  • BigQuery column of ARRAY type in results causes a casting exception (#10275)

What's New in version 0.36.3:

  • Support for externally linked tables (#12741)

What's New in version 0.36.2:

Bug fixes:

  • Cannot setup new Metabase instance, when browser locale is different from available language (#13045)
  • Cannot click some card titles on dashboard to go to question (#13042)

What's New in version 0.36.1:

Bug fixes:

  • Data Model Metrics shows error if using special combination of Custom Expressions (#13022)
  • Dashboards with questions, that user doesn't haven't permissions to, breaks completely (#13005)
  • Questions based on Saved Question joined with another Saved Question breaks Notebook (#13000)
  • Field filters break SQL-type questions for Redshift data sources in v0.36.0 (#12984)
  • Snowflake views stopped appearing (#12971)
  • Can't use 'Sum over time' or 'Distribution' with nested question (#12568)
  • Dashboard filter not working correctly when Field Type is Unix Timestamp (#12362)
  • Filters are sometimes not applied when downloading data (#11557)
  • Snowflake Tables Don't Show (#9511)
  • 'Custom Mapping' Display Value option is not available on tables with NULL entries (#8116)
  • 'Is empty' option filters out only NULL String (#5299)

What's New in version 0.36.0:

New features and improvements:

SQL/native query snippets:

  • You can now save bits of SQL or native queries and refer to them in your queries via a tag, like {{ snippet: My Great Snippet }}. Updating the definition of a snippet will update every query that uses that snippet. Just click the icon with the three lines in the native query editor to open up the SQL snippets sidebar. Any user with SQL editor permissions for at least one database can use, create, and edit snippets.

Language selection:

  • Instead of changing the language in the UI for each user based on their browser's language settings, Metabase now lets admins pick the language for the instance on the Localization tab of the Settings page in the Admin Panel. Users can also change their personal language preferences from their Account Settings page.

Better value labels for line, area, bar, and combo charts:

  • You can now turn on value labels for charts with multiple series, and selectively turn labels on or off for individual series.

Reorderable table columns in the Data Model:

  • You can now change the default order for table columns, and choose between database order, alphabetical, custom order, or the old 'smart' ordering. You can also click and drag on columns to reorder them manually.

A reorganized Data Model section:

  • We've moved things around a bit in the Data Model section: there are now tabs at the top to see all of the Segments and Metrics you've defined across your whole instance, so you no longer need to drill down through your tables to find a Segment or Metric.


  • Search: don't show inaccessible metrics & segments (#12916)
  • Fix z-index for all auth wrappers (#12894)
  • make jetty request header size configurable (#12683)
  • Update data model nav (#12665)
  • Improve error message when attempting to connect to Mongo with SSL (#12605)
  • Don't complain about API endpoints/schemas missing docstrings when running linters (#12417)

Bug fixes:

  • :user-joined and :create-user activities not saved to activity log during setup (#12933)
  • Error when updating Max Cache Entry Size: 'Values greater than {1} are not allowed' (#12884)
  • Sync not triggered for database added during setup (#12826)
  • Download not working on revoking raw sql query access (#12745)
  • Sync DB schema loses manual schema config (#12680)
  • Can't create new Slack Metabot (#12678)
  • Password reset doesn't work on low-resolution screens (#12658)
  • Cannot start Metabase on Turkish language OS (#12623)
  • Documentation links in app not correct (#12615)
  • SQLite does not support Right or Full Outer joins (#12598)
  • Sanitize field names better (#12592)
  • Query fails on 'Error reducing result rows' on cumulative aggregations with null-values (#12585)
  • Can't use 'Sum over time' or 'Distribution' with nested question (#12568)
  • Trend visualization fails, when results comes from cache (#12556)
  • Column type of aggreated column in sql view is unkown (#12547)
  • Creating a dashboard with a nested query Card can result in all dashboards being broken until hard refreshing (#12518)
  • Homepage is missing sections (X-rays and Our data) after setup (#12510)
  • viewing Card with another Card as source query gets stuck on loading spinner forever (#12501)
  • Drill-through is broken on nested question on dashboard (#12455)
  • Visualization type gets reset to 'Table' (different scenarios) (#12361)
  • Some users don't have permission to view query with a subquery, but can view the subquery directly (#12354)
  • java.lang.ClassCastException: class java.time.Instant cannot be cast to class java.time.chrono.ChronoLocalDateTime (#12311)
  • 'Custom Column' with a / (slashes) in name will fail the query (#12305)
  • Dashboard filter dropdown not working when linked to question joined table (#12250)

What's New in version 0.35.4:

  • Custom column concat function errors on Amazon Redshift when using 3 or more parameters (#12544)
  • Fingerprinting breaks on infinities (#12511)
  • Custom columns failing when joined data has over about 30 columns (#12481)
  • Fixed an issue where the Metabase logo was displaying too small (#12441)
  • Adding custom field result in not being able to find columns from table (#12397)
  • Create Slack Bot button has gone missing (#12382)
  • Cannot view/edit table-level permissions for databases that are not schema-based (#12372)
  • 'Error reducing result rows' exception when downloading full results (#12339)
  • Unable to create new personalized questions (#12323)
  • Custom Column 'ERROR: missing FROM-clause entry for table' Postgres (#12304)
  • Upgrade to 0.35.0 release fails (#12223)
  • Object Details (single record view) places the results outside of view (#11887)
  • Zero-dates cause Pulses to fail (#11665)
  • Cannot save question when results are empty (#11256)
  • Line/area/bar charts are hiding x-axis labels too aggressively when scale is set to Timeseries (#11158)
  • java.lang.NullPointerException when use TIMEDIFF (#10983)
  • Not possible to restore visibility after setting 'Do Not Include' in Data Model (#10297)
  • Cannot read property 'lat' of null - Allow filter empty/not empty (like for dates) (#7361)
  • Auto-refresh doesn't work for dashboards if redirected after login (#7244)
  • Clicking link to unsaved question when logged out takes you to 404 page after login (#6317)
  • Raw queries with 'ON' date filter are broken for Druid [Regression] (#6290)

What's New in version 0.35.3:


  • Improved error log messages on async responses (#12233)

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed a bug where homepage is missing sections (X-rays and Our data) on login with Google Signin (#12359)
  • Fixed an issue where it was not possible to view or restore a table after setting Visibility to 'Hidden' in Data Model (#12344)
  • Corrected replace function name (#12306)
  • Fixed an issue where saving native queries failed due to incomplete results_metadata (#12265)
  • Fixed an issue where a query with the same column names didn't display properly (#12252)
  • Fixed query failing on 'Error reducing result rows' (#12251)
  • Fixed regression with column not found error after adding a custom column (#12243)
  • Fixed MBQL normalization bug (#11897)

What's New in version 0.35.2:

  • Improve form error handling (#12291)
  • Fix email settings 'Send test email' and 'Clear' buttons (#12275, #12274)
  • Fix 'Premium embedding' setting (#12273)
  • Fix: Cannot view/edit table-level permissions for databases that are not schema-based (#12269)

What's New in version 0.35.1:

Bug fixes:

  • This release fixes two high priority bugs that were in version 0.35.0
  • Fixed a bug with date field filter variables in native queries and dashboards
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing filtering on columns from manually joined tables


  • You can download a .jar of the release, or get the latest on Docker. Make sure to back up your Metabase database before you upgrade! Need help? Check out our upgrading instructions.
  • Docker image: metabase/metabase:v0.35.1
  • Download the JAR here:


  • SHA-256 checksum for the 0.35.1 JAR:

What's New in version 0.35.0:

Filter expressions, string extracts, and more:

  • We've added filter expressions to let you write more complex filters that include ORs in them, and have also added a whole host of new spreadsheet-like functions to the custom column and custom metric formula editors.
  • Reference saved questions in your SQL queries:
  • You can now reference the results of saved questions in your SQL or native queries using syntax like with my_result as {{ #123 }} select * from my_result, where #123 is the ID number of a saved question.

Performance improvements:

  • We've refactored a number of things in this version, including how we handle the saved question 'database' that allows you to use the results of saved questions as starting data for new ones. We hope you'll find that the net result is a much snappier loading times of pages throughout much of Metabase.

Minor Enhancements:

  • Replace util fns with ones from (updated) medley (#12061)
  • Add background hover on bubble radio items (#12055)
  • Add hover color to dash card titles (#12053)
  • Add 'block' support to Select (#11894)

Bug fixes:

  • Improve chart value labels styling (#12160)
  • Can't scroll columns list when creating a filter in the notebook (#12139)
  • Cannot filter on joined/linked table when question has Custom Column (#12129)
  • Expressions - Certain function text is impossible to read on hover (#12103)
  • Homepage is missing sections (X-rays and Our data) on login (#12085)
  • Public shared question does not show Y-axis (#12018)
  • User with no data access are not allowed to see questions (#11932)
  • Druid v0.17.0 Error for a simple query (#11925)
  • Dashboard filter using boolean value sends string on browser reload (#11911)
  • Cannot use mixed-type question filters on dashboard (#11882)
  • Fixed a bug with date/range native query template tags for Unix timestamp columns (#11934)
  • Don't use system command as alias with MySQL (#12098)
  • Attempt to infer better base type for native queries (#12150)
  • Fix some typos in docs (#12142)