Michel Max - SQL Server Management Studio Tools 2019      

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Release Date:   2019-07-03

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Reviewed on July 03, 2019

Administering SQL servers can be a daunting process, which is why it is ideal for professional users. Basically, these are individuals with the right amount of knowledge and befitting tools. The only catch, though, is that most of today's professional tools do not necessarily offer full efficiency. This is where the Michel Max - SQL Server Management Studio Tools 2019 can be of huge help, especially since it provides users with a few extra handy functions.

Interesting Features To Look At

By essence, this one right here is an extension for the titular Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio 2019. But unlike its contemporaries, it provides users with an array of substantial features and/or tools. For starters, it lets users format SQL code with ease and prepares all procedures/functions accordingly.

Once the user is connected to an SQL Server instance, the schemas meant for each database are strategically featured in a tree view. This type of display, which can be found in the Object Explorer, makes it easier for users to perform browsing tasks. Even more, the extension makes the entire display process smoother and more efficient.

Here's a quick rundown of its most notable features:

  • Selection Highlight
  • Grid Search
  • Grid Search Highlight
  • Grid Export to JSON
  • Style Markets
  • Copy/Paste Table Structure and Data
  • Regions
  • Comprehensive Table Information
  • Format SQL Code
  • Configurable CRUD Creation

Is It Totally Worth It?

Apparently, the best thing about this extension is its ability to make grid searches possible. It is worth noting that grid management, in particular, is a huge challenge when it comes to dealing with databases. Not only will you be lost in all the data presented, but you are also likely to miss-click. Interestingly, the grid searches of this extension come with advanced Extended and Regular expression. Keep in mind, though, that the base program is not necessarily intended for beginners. But for those who already know the different ins and outs of SQL management, then they will definitely find this extension extremely useful!

Other Editions are also available:

Software Product Description

Perform various functions for Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio 2019 with this handy set of tools.