What's New in version 16.11:

  • This release of Process Explorer, a powerful process management utility, fixes a bug that caused it to crash when it encountered an image with a path length longer than a few thousand characters.

What's New in version 16.04:

  • This update fixes a bug in Virus Total file submission that could cause a crash, and now shows Windows Store package names on the Image page of the process properties dialog.

What's New in version 16.03:

  • This release of Process Explorer, a process viewing and control utility, fixes several bugs, including one where moving the mouse over the information graphs could cause it to crash and another that could cause a crash when checking Virus Total results.

What's New in version 16.02:

  • This minor update adds a refresh button to the thread's stack dialog and ensures that the Virus Total terms of agreement dialog box remains above the main Process Explorer window.

What's New in version 16.01:

  • This release fixes a bug that could cause a crash when the VirusTotal column is added to the process view, and another that could cause a crash when verifying digital signatures.

What's New in version 16.0:

  • Thanks to collaboration with the team at VirusTotal, this Process Explorer update introduces integration with, an online antivirus analysis service. When enabled, Process Explorer sends the hashes of images and files shown in the process and DLL views to VirusTotal and if they have been previously scanned, reports how many antivirus engines identified them as possibly malicious. Hyperlinked results take you to report pages and you can even submit files for scanning.

What's New in version 15.4:

  • now shows WMI providers hosted in Wmiprvse processes; includes an option that configures it to automatically run when you logon; and introduces a process view column that shows process DPI awareness support on Windows 8.1 systems.

What's New in version 15.3:

  • This major Process Explorer release includes heat-map display for process CPU, private bytes, working set and GPU columns, sortable security groups in the process properties security page, and tooltip reporting of tasks executing in Windows 8 Taskhostex processes. It also creates dump files that match the bitness of the target process and works around a bug introduced in Windows 8 disk counter reporting.

What's New in version 15.23:

  • This update to Process Explorer adds the ability to view the process token of protected processes, fixes a bug that causes a crash when viewing thread stacks on Windows XP, and fixes a bug that causes a crash when running on Windows PE.

What's new in version 15.21:

  • This update fixes a bug related to the autostart functionality introduced in v15.2, a tooltip display bug, and a bug that prevented display of kernel stacks.

What's New in version 15.2:

  • This major update to Process Explorer, a Task Manager replacement, merges Autoruns functionality by adding a new Autostart Location column and property to the process and DLL views that indicates where an image is configured to automatically start or load. It also adds .NET stack walking support to the thread stack dialog, adds a process timeline column that graphically depicts a process's lifetime relative other processes, and uses the Windows 8 private ETW logger which enables better coexistence with other ETW-based tools.

What's New in version 15.13:

  • This Process Explorer release adds Background priority to the process context menu, which sets the CPU, memory and I/O priorities of a process to low, and includes a bug fix for restoring user-entered process comments.

What's New in version 15.12:

  • This update to Process Explorer makes the search dialog asynchronous and reports the types of found items. It also fixes several bugs, including showing a small font when run after an older version, a bug in the restart-process functionality, working set columns not showing data, and again shows information about service processes when run from an unprivileged user account.

What's New in version 15.1:

  • This update of Process Explorer, a Task Manager replacement, adds support for new Windows 8 features by giving the processes hosting immersive applications a distinct highlight color, shows immersive application package names in process tooltips and as a new process view column, lists AppContainer and capability SIDs in the process security properties, and updates the GPU support to be compatible with Windows 8. Other enhancements include GPU memory counters with more descriptive labels, display of the logon session ID on the security properties, and reporting of suspended processes as suspended in the CPU usage column.

What's New in version 15.05:

  • This update fixes a bug in cycle CPU usage calculation on Windows 7.

What's new in version 15.04:

  • This release fixes several minor bugs, including a tooltip display bug and one that could result in a miscalculation of CPU usage on Windows 7 in the refresh immediately following the termination of a CPU-intensive process.

What's New in version 15.03:

  • This fixes a bug introduced in v15.02 that would result in a crash of Process Explorer when run with standard user rights and the System Information dialog is opened.

What's new in version 15.02:

  • Process Explorer v15.02 includes minor updates to the drawing routines.

What's New in version 15.01:

  • This update adds the ability to select a custom graph background color, adds paged and nonpaged pool quota columns to the process view, fixes incorrect information on the disk and network process properties dialog on 32-bit Windows, and fixes a GPU tray icon bug.

What's New in version 15.0:

  • Process Explorer v15 celebrates the release of the Sysinternals Administrator Reference and the upcoming 15th anniversary of Sysinternals. This major update to Process Explorer, a powerful tool for inspecting and controlling processes, threads, loaded DLLs, and more, adds GPU utilization and memory monitoring on Vista and higher. It also adds the ability to restart services, has a smaller memory footprint, and has visually cleaner performance graphs.

What's New in version 14.12:

  • This update fixes a bug that prevents removal of tray icons under certain conditions.

What's New in version 14.11:

  • Process Explorer v14.11 includes the ability to configure network and disk activity icons in the tray.

What's New in version 14.1:

  • This update to Process Explorer introduces cycle-based CPU usage on Windows 7, shows usage for processes that consume less than 0.01 percent CPU, shows thread ideal processors on Windows 7, and adds the ability to remote control and connect to other logon sessions.

What's New in version 14.01:

  • This update fixes a bug related to the DLL view and adds a tab to the new system information dialog, Summary, that displays all the performance graphs together.

What's New in version 14:

  • This major update to Process Explorer adds a slew of enhancements and new functionality including network and disk monitoring, an improved multi-tab system information dialog, additional memory statistics, a new column that shows aggregate CPU usage for a tree of processes, improved DLL scanning performance and accuracy, command-lines in process tree tooltips, support for more than 64 CPU systems, and more.

What's New in version 12.04:

  • This Process Explorer release adds the ability to generate full and minidump process crash dump files and fixes a bug in the process permission dialog.

What's New in version 12.03:

  • This update revs the driver name so that it is used even when the previous driver is already loaded.

What's New in version 12.02:

  • This update fixes a bug in the x86 Windows Vista driver that could cause a crash.

What's New in version 12.01:

  • This update fixes a bug that prevented DEP status being shown on Windows XP and the threads page of the process properties dialog from showing service names on Windows Vista.