Midi Sheet Music 2.6      

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Release Date:   2013-08-09  | Changelog

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OS:  Windows XP/Vista/7

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Software Product Description

Midi Sheet Music is a program that displays sheet music from MIDI music files.

MIDI music files can be downloaded from various sites on the internet, such as or


  • Displaying Sheet Music for MIDI music files
  • Saving the Sheet Music as PNG images or PDF file
  • Printing the Sheet Music
  • Adjusting the zoom level
  • Displaying notes in different colors
  • Selecting which MIDI Tracks to display
  • Combining MIDI Tracks into two staffs (left hand and right hand) for piano songs.
  • Adjusting the music key
  • Adjusting the time signature
  • Adjusting the measure length

System Requirements:

  • Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 or later

What's New in version 2.6:

  • Show list of recently opened MIDI files
  • Support drag-and-drop of MIDI files
  • Fix error where there's no sound (tracks are muted)
  • Fix error where lyrics are not shown
  • Fix errors opening MIDI files.


"Near perfect"

Reviewer: -Henry

Review Date: 2010-10-14

Pros: 1. This software is portable. 2. Easily understandable interface 3. Can save the sheet music as png graphics for user to touch-up.

Cons: It is a little bit lacking music theory. For example, an F-sharp is shown as G-flat. Although both refer to the same piano key, they are different from the viewpoint of music theory.

Other Thoughts: Being portable, this software does not require installation. Just download the file, unzip it to a USB thumb drive, and run it right-away like breeze.


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