MindMaple Lite 1.71      

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Release Date:   2020-10-08

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OS:  Windows XP SP1/Vista/7/8/10 (32-Bit/64-Bit)

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Software Product Description

MindMaple will increase your productivity and creativity by visually organizing your ideas and thoughts onto a mind map. MindMapleŽ is perfect for working professionals and educators involved in project managing, brain storming, and task scheduling.

For Business:

Using MindMaple, you can creatively organize multiple threads of ideas, allowing you to keep track of different teams and responsibilities, deadlines, contacts, and budgets. In addition, you can use arrows and callouts to show interactions between different sections of your maps, which helps you to clearly visualize connections and relationships.

For Education:

Use MindMaple to takes notes on lectures, books, and discussions. MindMaple allows you to structure and categorize information visually, which allows you to maintain a focus on details as well as the bigger picture. This can help to improve your studying and learning experience. Start a new topic to illustrate a distinction. Use arrows, images, and attachments to show relationships and enrich your notes.

For Home Use:

Use MindMaple to plan your next trip! There are a number of features such as budget, cost, notes, and attachments to help you organize and map out all the details to ensure your trip is the best it can be.

Wherever your interests lie, such as blogging, artistic projects, hobbies, or community organizations, MindMaple provides the structure to organize your ideas and the creative freedom to fully express yourself.

Note: The lite version does not include all features and limits the Number of Map Themes and Theme Colors (only 2), as well as Clip Art and Backgrounds.