What's New in version 2.2.3:

  • Don't make users reconfigure sound hardware when it has not changed #2253
  • Fix MusicBrainz metadata lookup lp:1848887 #2328
  • Fix high DPI scaling of cover art #2247
  • Fix high DPI scaling of cue point labels on scrolling waveforms #2331
  • Fix high DPI scaling of sliders in Tango skin #2318
  • Fix sound dropping out during recording lp:1842679 #2265 #2305 #2308 #2309
  • Fix rare crash on application shutdown #2293
  • Workaround various rare bugs caused by database inconsistencies lp:1846971 #2321
  • Improve handling of corrupt FLAC files #2315
  • Don't immediately jump to loop start when loop_out is pressed in quantized mode lp:1837077 #2269
  • Preserve order of tracks when dragging and dropping from AutoDJ to playlist lp:1829601 #2237
  • Explicitly use X11 Qt platform plugin instead of Wayland in .desktop launcher lp:1850729 #2340
  • Pioneer DDJ-SX: fix delayed sending of MIDI messages with low audio buffer sizes #2326
  • Enable modplug support on Linux by default lp:1840537 #2244 #2272
  • Fix keyboard shortcut for View > Skin Preferences lp:1851993 #2358 #2372
  • Reloop Terminal Mix: Fix mapping of sampler buttons 5-8 lp:1846966 #2330

What's New in version 2.2.2:


  • Update from Qt4 to Qt5.
  • Use Qt5's automatic high DPI scaling.
  • Vectorize remaining raster graphics for better HiDPI support.


  • Add mix mode switch (Dry/Wet vs Dry+Wet) for effect units.
  • Add support for LV2 effects plugins (currently no way to show plugin GUIs).
  • Add preference option for selecting which effects are shown in the list of available effects in the main window (all LV2 effects are hidden by default and must be explicitly enabled by users).


  • Text searches without any field qualifiers (such as 'title: some-title') now search crates.


  • Add 8 sampler and small sampler options to LateNight.
  • Add key / BPM expansion indicators to Deere decks.
  • Add skin settings menu to LateNight.


  • Add controller mapping for Numark Mixtrack Platinum.
  • Update controller mapping for Numark N4.
  • Add spinback and break for Vestax VCI-400 mapping.


  • Add preference option to adjust the play position marker of scrolling waveforms.
  • Add preference option to adjust opacity of beatgrid markers on scrolling waveforms.
  • Support IRC/AIM/ICQ broadcast metadata.

What's New in version 1.8.2:

  • Mixxx 1.8.2 has a wide variety of bug fixes, performance improvements, and MIDI mapping updates

What's New in version 1.8.1:

  • Reduce glitches on track load (major improvement for some users)
  • Waveform generation speed drastically improved on Windows
  • Stability fix when using vinyl emulation
  • Adjustable EQ shelves can no longer be equal
  • UTF-8 fixes for Rhythmbox track source
  • Fixed duplicate promotional tracks from appearing in library
  • Fixed MIDI learning wizard on OS X
  • Fixed minor delay in setting hot cues with MIDI controllers during playback
  • BPM tap activates on mouse-down instead of mouse-up.
  • Read ID3 tags in FLAC files on Windows
  • Reduce crackling during playback for some Windows users

What's New in version 1.8.0:

  • This new release includes a year's worth of contributions from over 30 developers and artists, and is our most exciting release to date. Mixxx 1.8.0 includes much anticipated features such as looping, hot cues, support for multiple MIDI devices, and a brand new database-powered library.