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 Reviewed on November 14, 2013

MobiText is a free word processor that combines the simplicity of WordPad and rich features of Microsoft Word. Although its interface is as casual as that of WordPad, it provides more options for manipulating text to improve quality. The program also includes features not found in the other two.

MobiText Features

  • Friendly user interface
  • Easy-to-use text tools
  • Fast access to required things
  • Supports multiple file formats
  • Text-to-speech function
  • Opacity tool
  • Built in character map

Using MobiText

MobiText installs and launches fast, providing a start pane that gives quick access to several tasks and help functions. We noticed that the pane remained in the foreground when we switched to another application before making a selection or closing it. The program played a sound whenever we launched or closed it.

The program contains common font and formatting tools that allow you to adjust text in various ways, including changing font, size and color. You can also include indents and bullets to make your text documents more attractive. Its built in character map makes it easier to insert special characters than you can even accomplish in Microsoft Word. In addition, you can insert images and the current time.

We could save documents in .txt, .rtf or MobiText's native .mtxt formats. The ability to create a text PDF file is also in beta. Although the program still cannot create PDF files with images, we managed to replicate text well.

If you want to check spelling, you can use either the built in spell checker or look up words online from or

Unfortunately, the program is not compatible with the popular .doc format. If you want to use it with an existing .doc file, then your only option is to copy it from another application and paste it. We tried this and were pleased to see that document formatting did not change. Of course, you may have to click the Document Style button on the upper right part of the program window.

MobiText comes with colorful themes you can use to customize it, including the sidebar. Its opacity features also allows you to see what is in the background. You can use this feature to watch a movie even when you are working on the program. Although you can adjust the level of opacity from 10 to 100 percent, we found even 90 percent distracting. However, there are users who will certainly enjoy this feature.

One feature that we found unique and interesting with MobiText is the ability to use it as a text-to-speech tool. We could choose different voices installed on our computer and adjust both volume and speed. We only wished we could play from the cursor position instead of always starting from the beginning of a document. However, the TTS feature is a great achievement considering that even in Word, you can only use it as an add-on.

In spite of its limitations, MobiText is a great free word processor. It includes some features that are usually found in premium applications.

Software Product Description

MobiText has the normal features of Notepad and WordPad put together to make one great word processor.


"Nice alternative word processor"

Reviewer: -compmend

Review Date: 2016-01-01

Pros: The program has a nice layout. It has all of the features most of us would ever need for word processing. It also has built in text to speech, which worked quite well when I tested it. There is also a set of "themes" that come built in, that allow you to change the look and feel.

Cons: Checked box during installation to run program afterwards, it crashed and burned. I had to restart the app and allow it via Windows 10 UAC, worked perfectly after that. I also wish there was a theme that allowed for a "borderless" writing experience. I am not a fan of sunken borders around the document I am typing. Even a margin between the text and the border would be nice, but, that is just a personal preference.

Other Thoughts: This is a nice alternative to Wordpad, or Notepad. I wouldn't uninstall my office software to use this exclusively, because this program only opens, txt, rtf, and mtxt (their own format).


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