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Reviewed on October 21, 2020

Dedicated software that lets you design airplane models without having to learn CAD.

Whether you're a young person interested in model aircraft or a retiree who finally has time to devote to a hobby that you gave up when life became too busy, Model Air Design is a software tool that will get you into the groove.

There's no need to learn Computer-Aided Design to develop your own 3D models - the developers of this aircraft CAD software have provided a sure-proof method for your inner RC airplane designer to create model aircraft easily. The tool also makes a great introduction to CAD for if you find you want to go on and learn more.

Start by importing one of the sample aircraft files

Download and install Model Air Design, following the wizard's directions, and launch the program. The quickest way to learn the software is to import one of the .MZD files and review the process. Your RC airplane designer tools come in different sections to make it easy to make changes to an existing design file and to save time by supplying you with all the pre-drawn components you need. Click the 'Press to Start' button on the splash screen to enter the Design Workshop.

  • Design Shop - The aircraft CAD software enables you to choose from one of the 12 base models listed at right on the interface and illustrated in the center column. At left you will find three Replace, Change Size, and Position options for Fuselage, Wing, and Horizontal Slab. Clicking the Next Step button will take you to the Design Grid.
  • Design Grid - Edit the height, width, length, height, etc, of the Fuselage, Wing, and H Stab. Next Step is the Paint Booth.
  • Paint Booth - Choose colors for the struts and spinner of your aircraft. Clicking Next Step lets you view your model in 3D.
  • View Model - View your model in glorious 3D from different angles and, if further changes are needed, just move back to the previous section. Once you are completely satisfied, you can simulate flying the model.
  • Fly Sim - The aircraft CAD Software enables you to fly your model, in various directions, at 1 to 10 speed values.

Assemble and modify models with radio-controlled (RC) aircraft designer software

Model Air Design makes creating model aircraft easy by providing the means to substitute and modify the various aircraft parts, enlarge or reduce the size, paint and view at different angles and, of course, save the file. While the objective of the aircraft CAD Software is purely for design, the file can help you to produce line drawings, etc. in a CAD program or simply provide the means for you to draw up plans for cutting the materials you propose to use in building your RC aircraft.

Software Product Description

The quickest, easiest way to create model aircraft.