Monster Legends RPG v1.0      

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Release Date:   2018-08-07

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OS:  Windows 7/8/10 (32-Bit/64-Bit)

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Reviewed on August 07, 2018

Monster Legends RPG is free role-playing developed by Social Point the same crew behind your exciting and favorite games World Chef and Dragon City.

The Aim of the Game

The objective of playing the game is to breed strong monsters and use them against your opponents. Players amass powerful monsters by breeding various monsters together on the Breeding Mountain. The game offers several breeding guides to determine what species you can produce.

As a player, you are a monster master. Your task is to train your monsters, facilitate the development of your own land - Facilitating farming and harvesting for your monsters, and erect buildings that will advance your Monster Master journey. Deploy your strategies and see what works for or against you.

Gaming Features

Monster Legends offers five exciting gaming features

1. Breeding and collection
Monster Master can collect up to 500 different species. Your journey entails breeding creatures of various elements like fire, water, air, dark, etc. to uncover unique species. Each event allows you a chance to acquire new and stronger monsters.

2. Battle Legendary monsters
The aim is to amass an army of attackers, tanks, and supporters to fight your opponents. Combine various strategies and monsters to win a battle. After each battle, explore the adventure map and discover useful items to build stronger monsters and meet unpredicted creatures along the journey.

3. Multiplayer Bonanza
You do not have to play alone. Get more fun by fighting other players in the multiplayer mode and advance your journey to the top Monster Legendary Leader. What's more, Team Wars increase the pleasure a notch higher. You can chat with other monster masters and build a team against other teams of master monsters to earn unique monsters.

4. Build your monster empire
Build a monster paradise for your monsters from scratch. Create farms, habitats and breeding sites. There is a lot of excitement in making a home for your monsters. Uncover new areas (Library, Monster Lab, Dungeons, the Temple of the Guardians and the Forge) along the journey. These exciting places offer lots of interesting items.

5. Be Part of the Monster Legends Community
Monster Legends has a large community. Every player who downloads the game follows it on Facebook. The Monster Legends Facebook page keeps the followers captivated and updated on the news and events happening in Monster Legends. The Monster Legends community is fun and very exciting, is always active, and answers questions regarding how you breed new and fascinating creatures.

Download Monster Legends today to enjoy exciting gameplay, an active community, and excellent replay ability for hours of fun.

Software Product Description

Become a Monster Master in this free role-playing game.

Note: Uses the MobiGame system (800MB).