Mousehook v1.0.0-2      

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Release Date:   2006-03-10

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OS:  Windows XP

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Software Product Description

A small utility created as a replacement for Microsoft IntelliPoint software.

What is the problem with Microsoft IntelliPoint?

  1. IT IS BUGGY. Many many people complained that after customizing mouse buttons with Microsoft IntelliPoint 5.x, the CONTROL, ALT and SHIFT keys are getting "stuck" regularly. One has to press them repeatedly to "clear" this effect.
  2. IT IS SPYING ON YOU. A couple of days after the installation (*not* immediately!) Microsoft IntelliPoint is trying to access some Microsoft servers. We wonder why would a mouse software need an Internet access?
  3. IT IS NOT PORTABLE. Mouse buttons settings are stored in the registry. This makes it difficult to save them and apply whenever you install a new version of Microsoft Windows.
  4. IT IS HUGE. 7 megs (or is it more) for a mouse driver?!
  5. IT IS ... you name it.
Actually, the worst part of the problem is Microsoft's refusal to acknowledge its existence. There have been 5 new "versions" of IntelliPoint, however the bug is still there.