MultImgs 1.0      

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Release Date:   2016-07-01

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Software Product Description

MultImgs is an intuitive tool whose function you can guess from its name. It gives you the opportunity to batch process multiple images simultaneously. It processes and converts up to three images from either one or several graphic files.

Although you can process multiple files at the same time, the files do not necessarily have to have the same file extensions. You can easily convert the images in different image formats and file sizes. You may even save them in different folders.

MultImgs gives you different ways of loading images. You may copy and paste the desired image onto the program window or its shortcut. You may also drag and drop an image into either destination or even load it via the context menu by right-clicking on the image and selecting 'Open with' option.

When the program loads the image, it will display all compatible graphic files in the folder. It displays the name of the selected file above it. You can select any file in the list to load it into the program.

When you double-click on the current file name box, you will view the respective image using the default image viewer. Double-clicking the image itself rotates it. The window caption displays the image size.

The lower part of the application window gives you three choices for image files. The options that you can choose for your images include adding suffixes to their names, changing their respective sizes, graphic formats and the folders where you want to save them. Please note that you must provide a suffix that complies with the requirements of a valid file name.

You can process only the current image or all images by respectively selecting either GO or GO ALL. The program automatically saves the configurations you set when you close it.

Nice utility if you need to quickly convert multiple images of different sizes into custom sizes for thumbnails, web galleries, etc.