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Release Date:   2003-09-18

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Software Product Description

Music Reading is a small, easy to use program that makes learning note-reading fun. The program has many added benefits, such as error checking, timing the pupils note-reading speed, etc. The pupils will enjoy using it.

The chapters of musicreading 6 are:

  • Note Reading
  • Note writing
  • Yes ot No game (note reading)
  • Learn the piano keys
  • Rhythmical dictation
  • Interval dictation (prime, second, third, fourth and fifth)
  • Interval ear traning (prime, second, third, fourth and fifth)
  • Create a major scale (scales of C, D, Eb, F, G, A and Bb)
  • Melodic dictation (containing the intervals above).
  • Theory about Note reading, scales, intervals and rhythm.


"Useful for the beginner or for revision"

Reviewer: -Alan Sturgess

Review Date: 2006-03-06

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Other Thoughts: As an example of freeware, this is an extremely useful piece of software. It is ideal for anyone who is learning the rudiments of music notation and conventions, and is equally useful if you just want to revise and sharpen your knowledge. The displays are clear, colourful and not complicated with unnecessary details, colours, tricksy-menus or unclear diagrams. If you are a music teacher, this has the added advantage of it being free to give to your pupils. I hearily recommend it to you.


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