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According to longitudinal surveys conducted to determine what many users of web browsers are interested in, speed is the greatest concern. While many users appreciate modern additions that give a pleasant experience, the majority of users consider speed as their number one priority, and this is what MxNitro is designed to achieve. This is the latest addition to Maxthons group of web browsers, which are known for their great performance.

MxNitro is fast in various respects, including launching and page pre-loading speeds. The browser will also not distract your attention with many things you are not really interested in, as it has a simple and uncluttered user interface.

The web browser has been stripped of many features that users do not frequently use, making it fast even on relatively old computers. These include such resource-hungry features as extensions, cloud services and ad blockers. The lightweight user interface also strips down design load to make the browser faster.

In addition, the intuitive web browser uses predictive pre-creation of connections to web pages and sites. It also uses algorithms that analyze usage patterns, search and browser history to predict the pre-fetching of websites.

Although many features have been stripped away from MxNitro, it retains the use of tabs, which make it easy to handle multiple pages on the same window. Double-clicking a tab closes it. It also still lets you save links to your chosen websites under Favorites.

MxNitro makes it easier to perform some common tasks. For example, you will see "Copy" and "Paste and Go" buttons just under the address bar whenever you open a new tab, which means you do not have to use the context menu to access them. Right-clicking on teh address bar also displays these buttons together with tabs linking to pre-set web addresses.

The button with a left-facing arrow at the top right corner of the browser window performs two functions depending on the mouse button you use. Left-clicking it takes you back as usual while right-clicking it displays the navigation history. The Minimize, Maximimze and Close buttons only respectively appear when the cursor is over them.

If you are a regular web browser user who is more interested in speed than many technical features, then MxNitro is an ideal choice for you.


"Good start"

Reviewer: -ManBearPig

Review Date: 2015-03-29

Pros: Ultra fast!

Cons: Optionless... other then setting up you're homepage and adding a few favorites, that's it. Will NOT auto erase browsing history on exit, only if done manually. Unlike it's older brother, it lacks a Speed Dial.

Other Thoughts: Promising, but still needs some work done, like implementing a bare-bones settings menu.


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