My Land for Windows 1.9.0      

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Release Date:   2016-11-03

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OS:  Windows 7/8/10 (64-Bit)

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Software Product Description

My Land is a free multi-platform sandbox farm simulation game designed by Ape Apps, the developers of a wide variety of games and apps, including the award-winning My Planet. You can enjoy the game on different devices running different operating systems, but this description focuses on the Windows version.

When you start your game, you will have at your disposal $5,000 and an empty piece of land. The way you develop and use your plot is up to you. You can do whatever you want so long as it is within your budget. For example, you may design a beautiful nature park, complete with trails and lakes, an attractive commercial area including pizza stands and sidewalks or a productive farm filled with animals and crops. Do whatever you want to make the plot your own.

The game allows you to create different methods of generating income from your piece of land. One of the easiest ways of generating income is by creating a farm, but you may as well engage in any other business, such as running a nature trail system. This is one of the games where you hardly have rules that limit what you can do. You have the freedom to explore whatever the game offers you, and it gives you plenty of options.

You must know how to develop your source of revenue from scratch. If you opt for farming, for instance, you will start by planting your crops and taking care of them to maturity. You can plant different types of crops, including corn, wheat, carrots and even apple trees. Depending on what you plant, you may need to put scarecrows to protect your crops. Of course, you should not forget to fence your farm.

Remember that everything you include has a dollar value.

Downloads for Linux, MacOS, Android, iOS, and HTML5 are available at the developerĀ“s website.