My Other Image Grabber (MOIG) 1.0      

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License:   FREE

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Release Date:   2011-05-20

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OS:  Windows XP/Vista/7

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Software Product Description

MOIG is a small, easy to use screen capture application and basic image processor.


  • An object, a child window, a main window or the whole screen can be easily captured.
  • An image file can be dragged onto it. An extensive range of image formats can be dropped.
  • An image file can be copied and pasted into it. It doesn't need to be opened.
  • An opened image can be copied and pasted into it.
  • MOIG can watch the clipboard for images and image files copied to it and automatically paste the image.
  • SOME images in SOME browsers can be dragged onto it (Firefox and IE but not Chrome nor Opera! Haven't tested others )
  • If not barred, images in browsers can be copied and pasted into it.
  • If all else fails, if you can see it you can grab it!
This is a single file application that does not require installing. Extract it to a folder of your choice on your PC or to a USB stick.