My Pets 1.30      

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Release Date:   2017-03-27

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Reviewed on March 27, 2017

If you still use your personal diary to keep tabs of your pet, then it is time to change. My Pets is a special pet diary that is designed to keep details that are specifically related to pets. You can use it to store all kinds of information about your pet that you would like to remember. The software is ideal for both companies and pet owners.

Features and Functions

My Pets is divided into various modules for ease of use and better organization of information. You can add as many pets as you want to the program database in the Pets module. You may add your own pets as an individual while companies may add all animals that they handle whether they belong to the companies themselves or their clients.

The module is divided into upper and lower panes. The upper pane lists all pets entered while the lower pane displays details about the selected pet on the upper pane. The lower pane has tabs for accessing different details. Some of the details that you can view include name, birthday, age, species, breed, sex, color, identification, health card, picture and relevant notes. You can use the pet diary to enter information about pets that others own because it features a column for identifying their respective owners.

You will edit these details in the Edit dialog, which has tabs for data, notes, document and image. When you load an image, the program automatically resizes it to fit the preview window and you can configure the maximum height and width of stored images.

You will use the Diary module to add annotations that you want about a pet. The program allows you to add as many annotations as you want. You can add such details as changes in size or weight, food information, medication management, vet visits, purchase or sale information and memorable pictures.

The Pictures module displays images entered under annotations. Depending on the number of images and what you are comfortable with, you can select the number of columns and rows that you would like to view. If you want a close-up view of a specific picture, then you will use the image viewer. All modules feature "View Pictures" buttons for opening the viewer.

Other tools included in the program are calculator, spreadsheet, word processor and data backup.


If you are a pet owner and would like to keep information about your pet(s), then My Pets will come in handy. The free pet diary allows you to enter and view information in various modules and includes other relevant tools for complete pet information management.

Software Product Description

My Pets is a diary for storing all kinds of annotations and pictures of your favorite pets and animals.

A portable version is also available for download.