myHouse 2.0      

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Release Date:   2016-11-22

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Software Product Description

Home automation is gaining popularity in the present age of Internet of Things (IoT). For your automation to function successfully, you need a way of collecting data from various sources in one location, and myHouse will help you achieve this easily. It contains a framework that allows you to automate your house and collect statistics.

The system uses a plugin-based architecture that allows you to configure the various sensors from which you would like to collect data. For example, you may collect data about your GPS position, internet images, weather statistics and wirelessthings sensors. The program also automatically calculates the average, maximum and minimum values for each of the connected sensors on a daily and hourly basis.

The web-based interface displays what you want to see. The dashboard will display data from different sources in the same place. You can monitor both external and internal temperatures, internal and external web cameras, boiler control and weather forecast among other things.

You access the various program features on a pane on the left part of the user interface, including alerts, location, various areas being monitored, log analysis and program configuration.

While the dashboard provides a summary of all the selected sensors, you may focus on a particular section. For instance, the "Indoor" menu will display detailed information about the indoor sensors that are located in various parts of the house. You may even focus on a specific type of data, such as temperature.

You may create alerts by specifying the necessary rules, and you can receive notifications via e-mail, selected Slack channel or directly via the web interface.

The system features a Slack bot that lets you issue commands using natural language, which it also uses to respond to your commands in addition to executing what is required.

You can customize the web interface to suit your personal preferences, and the interface is compatible with mobile devices.