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Release Date:   2021-09-09

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Software Product Description

MySQL Sidu is a free MySQL client working via web browser.


  • Object tree menu: sidu can group tables by first x chars of table names, and which you can control freely;
  • Data result can be sorted in 1 column or 2 columns, which you can switch to your favorable mode;
  • Table list of a database can also be sorted and filtered;
  • Sidu can connect to MySQL servers locally and remotely, with the ability to save your connections on the server or onto a USB key(future version);
  • As sidu is working on the web, there are several security controls to protect the data from un-authorized accesses;
  • Sidu is working for multiple users and multiple sessions at the same time;
  • DB and table data are cached for quick view at later time.
  • Much, much, more.

Requires: Webserver with PHP.


"very inconvenient"

Reviewer: -Henry

Review Date: 2010-09-01

Pros: Can't see any.

Cons: Quick Conn has to be kyed in every time. Save conn asks for a "sidu" login and password. What is the meaning of "Sidu login" is undefined.

Other Thoughts: Why not use the more user-friendly and more reliable PhpMyAdmin?


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