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Software Product Description

No more mental date conversions! myTimeZone for eBay automatically converts eBay times to your local time zone on-the-fly ... and does a whole lot more...

It also allows you to sort listings by total price including shipping and performs currency conversion all automatically. Other features include a real-time auction countdown timer with the ability to play an alarm when a specified amount of time remains before the auction ends.

Setup is a snap. You don't have to specify your time zone, etc. It automatically detects and converts dates upon installation. The extension can be turned on or off without having to restart Firefox and each individual feature can be enabled or disabled as you see fit.

No additional toolbars or buttons are added. It works automatically in the background.

It has a lot of extra features to make eBay work a little easier. It is extremely customizable and features can be enabled or disabled individually.


  • Automatically converts any times it finds on eBay pages to your local time. Intelligently adjusts for Daylight Savings time regardless of where you are located!
  • Converts almost ANY date/time it finds on ANY eBay page, not just search listings.
  • Gives you lots of options to customize the display of dates/times to be more readable:
  • Use 24 or 12 hour time format with AM/PM indicators
  • Substitute words like "Today" and "Tomorrow" for actual dates.
  • Use the word "at" to separate date and time for better readability.
  • Suppress the display of seconds in the time portion of the date if you like.
  • Choose from 4 different date formats in either U.S. or European style.
  • Add the name of the day of the week to the date.
  • Customize the display of "AM" or "PM" to use periods or lower case if you prefer.
  • Show an asterisk (or any characters you want) next to times which have been converted to your local time.


  • Option to display a countdown timer on the Item Detail page which adds a real-time running countdown timer showing hours, minutes and seconds remaining until end of auction.


  • Automatically adds another column to search listings showing an item's total price including shipping. Now when sorting by price, listings will be sorted by total price and not bid price alone.
  • Ability to highlight Total Prices which don't include shipping in red to make them easier to spot.


  • Option to automatically show total prices in any of 5 currencies. Search results containing listings in different currencies can now be compared much more easily.
  • Currency conversion rates are updated hourly and can be updated instantly from within the options dialog.
  • Option to automatically update currency rates in the background to keep conversion rates very up to date.


This extension works for the following English speaking eBay web sites:
  • eBay US (
  • eBay Canada ( - English site)
  • eBay UK (
  • eBay Australia (
  • eBay Ireland (
Works with: Firefox Firefox: 2.0.0.* 3.0b3pre


"Keeps getting better"

Reviewer: -Matt

Review Date: 2008-01-25

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Other Thoughts: If you use eBay you simply won't find a better extension out there. IMHO, this thing is even better than eBay's own eBay desktop standalone app.
Loads of features and unbelievably customizable.
Must have.


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