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Release Date:   2005-03-14

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OS:  Win 9x/2K/XP/2K3

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Software Product Description

NGView is a freeware picture viewer, including several special functions, which can be useful when watching JPG photos taken by a digital camera.

Notes can be written on the EXIF (Exchangeable Image File Format) part of JPG files. As the notes are not stored in a different database but in the JPG file itself, when copying or sending the picture via e-mail the text remains within the file. And to top it all the maximum size of the notes can be 64Kbyte.

Notes, EXIF Data and some other information can be visualized while using the slideshow function of NGView. You can show the embedded notes, any EXIF field, file name, file date, etc.

JPG files are deflatable with just one click, preserving EXIF data. It is useful if we have to send the pictures via E-mail, FTP or just store it on a small capacity pen drive. Using this function a 5-6 Mpixel, 2-3 Mbyte picture can be converted into a 100-200 Kbyte one with preserving the EXIF data - recorded by the camera (e.g. date, type of camera, etc.) - and the notes added.

The Wav sound embedded in JPG files, taken by HP cameras, can be played. Tested on HP Photosmart 720, 850 and 945 but the program should work with any HP camera. (Playing the sound-recordings of other cameras is planned if I succeed in getting test pictures and additional info on how to read out the files).

Multi-page TIFF support.

MPG format videos can be played and fit into the slideshow. Also suitable for playing short videos recorded by the digital camera.

File actions can be taken just like in Windows Explorer. The pictures can be easily browsed, copied, deleted, renamed, categorized, the same way as in Windows Explorer.

Small-sized. Since NGView is only 1.5 Mbyte, it can be easily carried, can be sent via e-mail or just stored on a small pen drive.

Noneed to install it. As NGView is only one executable file, there is is no need to install it and because of this one doesn't have to have administrator rights to execute it.


"Small but handy program"

Reviewer: -Aaron

Review Date: 2013-11-11

Pros: -Portable -Works on Windows 9x/Me -Easy to use -Fast -Views MPEG movies

Cons: -none

Other Thoughts: None


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