NTFS Drive Protection 1.5      

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The use of USB removable drives has gained increased popularity over the past few years for their convenience and ease of use. Flash drives make it easy to transfer and share files between different devices. Unfortunately, this also makes them a common avenue for passing viruses, which may lead to data loss not only on the removable drives but also on devices where they are plugged. It is therefore important to have an effective mechanism to protect USB drive from viruses. NTFS Drive Protection is designed to give such protection.

The application basically works by locking a removable drive to prevent modification of its content. As a result, viruses cannot create their autorun.if files.

Using NTFS Drive Protection

We extracted the archived files onto a specified folder from where we launched the portable application. In addition to the executable application, the archive contained configuration settings and compiled HTML Help files. The application launched immediately, displaying a small window that allowed us to select the drive we wanted to protect. A check box on the upper right part let us choose whether we wanted the application to display all drives or removable ones only.

We also had the option to create an unprotected folder and give it a suitable name. By default, NTFS Drive Protection named the folder '_Unprotected'. That option was important when we wanted to save some files onto the removable drive we protected. We could still retain standard file permissions on the folder while protecting already existing content.

We then clicked the 'Start Protection' button, and the application took just a few seconds to protect USB drive. Stopping protection was as easy as clicking the 'Stop Protection' button.

Apart from using NTFS drive Protection to protect removable drive, we could also use it to format drives, safely remove hardware and perform some disk management tasks. The 'Menu' button let us make a few configurations, such as choosing language, showing all files, writing cached content and selecting users who could launch the application.

Although this is a free application, you can make your donation if you find it useful and would like to support its development.


If you want to protect removable drives, then NTFS Drive Protection is a handy utility for the task. It is lightweight, fast and user friendly. However, it is only compatible with NTFS file systems.

Software Product Description

NTFS Drive Protection can protect your flash drive from infection even if you use it on an infected computer. The handy utility makes it impossible for malware to create autorun.inf files by making a drive read-only.