NTMON v1.0      

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Release Date:   2012-08-01

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Software Product Description

NTMON pings and shows up to 500 IPs in a scrollable listbox with ONLINE/OFFLINE tags.

NTMON.EXE is just 75KB, no add-ons needed. It is intended as a shell of PING results up to 500 URLs/IPs in a scrollable listbox with ONLINE/OFFLINE tag next to all items.

Well. You might come up with the text file (NTMON.TXT) in this 2-line format:

(up to 500 pairs)

Then, just start the program, wait for the dialog to appear while it is pinging the list in the background (or foreground, depending on your OS).

It is simply useful to keep track a list of regular URLs/IPs (to ping) and show it in a scrollable+searchable+sorted listbox with ONLINE/OFFLINE results.

Now, things to consider.

It has been tested on Windows XP SP3, and Windows 7 32-bit (various editions).

Under your Windows, besides a NTMON.TXT for input, NTMON.EXE requires a third-party executable from Microsoft to act as the engine. Please copy from your Windows' SYSTEM32 folder, the PING.EXE, to the same folder as NTMON.EXE.

The attached NTMON.ZIP already included the Windows 7 32-bit version of PING.EXE. Using incorrect version of PING.EXE may resulting in incorrect ONLINE/OFFLINE status.

When ONLINE and when OFFLINE? OFFLINE is shown either when PING.EXE is not in the application path, URL/IP naming convention is incorrect, or no Internet access on both ends. When ONLINE then is very clear. NTMON.EXE ping twice to confirm at least a reply is received.

If you need this program, please feel free to use it. Unlike prior MS-DOS programs, I haven't include the TP7 source in the compressed package.

ADDITIONAL NOTE: Please set the properties of this MS-DOS program to run in 80x50 text mode.