NXLog Community Edition 2.9.1716      

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Release Date:   2017-10-02

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OS:  Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10 (32-Bit/64-Bit)

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Reviewed on October 02, 2017

Available for free, the NXLog Community Edition is open source, and would easily work on your Windows or Linux based PC.

The free log management software is a popular option for many, and it does solve a useful purpose - keeping track of your log files. As an organization, whether small or big, you are sure to have multiple applications running, which could generate a vast amount of event log messages.

NXLog Management takes care of it, ensuring you can filter and classify messages as needed - in real time.

What Are the Advantages of Using NXLog Community Edition?

It is something that you would love as a company - helping you do more for less. For instance, following are some of the features that you can expect.

  • High performance, with the ability to collect over 100 K events per second, from thousands of different sources, making it ideal for large enterprise use.
  • Reliability, ensuring all messages are stored and buffered, and even prioritized - and never lost.
  • Ability to support different formats including Syslog and CSV as well as other custom formats.
  • Real-time statistics and easy integration to other external monitoring tools
  • Secure SSL encryption to ensure protection at all times.
  • Auto-detection of encodings, with modern architecture that supports loadable plugins.

What Can You Choose?

They have three products for you to choose from:

  • NXLog Community Edition
  • NXLog Enterprise Edition
  • NXLog Manager

Why Is NXLog Community Edition the Right Option for You?

If it's just event log management that you are looking at, the Community Edition works just fine.

You can rewrite the log messages, and the offline processing mode is great for post-processing and conversion or transfer. You could even classify events and convert them in as many formats as you like. With a powerful language like Peri, you really have nothing to worry about.

With the writing database supported by database servers, you can store the files and logs easily, and forward them to a remote log server. You could preserve the structured log as is, and parse these logs again later. With powerful message filtering, log rewrite and conversion abilities, NXlog Community Edition is just what you need.

Software Product Description

Free centralized logging system that supports multiple operating systems.