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Software Product Description

Name Dictionary is a free program designed to search the meaning of a name. The program features an easy to use interface offering various search options to quickly locate any name in the database.

Search options include:

  • Search for a name using a single letter. If a user searches for "A", the program will return the results for all names beginning with the letter "A".
  • Search for exact names
  • Search for names containing specified text
  • Ability to specify whether you want to search for male names, female names, or both.
  • Search for related names

In addition to the various search options available, the program also allows users to select certain ethnic groups to perform the search. Select from more than 120 options such as: American, African, Asian, Croatian, German, Greek, Indian, Irish, Italian, Israeli, Mexican, Russian, Scottish, Swiss, Turkish, and many more.

Name Dictionary also includes a name generator which uses two methods to generate names.

The first name generation method presents options to generate names based on selected letters of the alphabet. For each letter selected, users can also choose whether the name is male, female, or both. Additionally, the program allows you to choose the number of characters in the generated name.

The second method to generate names is based on categories that users can select. Currently, the options include: Actor, Actress, and Football Player of various ethnic backgrounds. Once the category is selected, simply choose the number of characters in the name and click the Generate button.

After the name is generated using either method, users have the option to include the meaning of the generated name and save the generated name.

Name Dictionary is portable and does not require installation.


"First Names"

Reviewer: -The DataRat

Review Date: 2013-11-24

Pros: Functions well enough.

Cons: The blurb didn't make this clear, but it's ~first~ names only.

Other Thoughts: None


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