Naruto Mosaic      

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Release Date:   2020-09-22

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Reviewed on September 22, 2020

Naruto Mosaic is a free puzzle game by Falco Software. It's based on the Naruto series, a legendary Japanese anime.

Game Objective

In the game, you bring together numerous parts of the image that are scattered randomly across the screen. Every image is Naruto-themed and contains many familiar scenes and characters. To reassemble the image in the right order, you have to look at the underlying image that is painted in black and white. It shows you the right order. You simply drag each fragment over to the corresponding black-and-white tile.

In short, Naruto Mosaic belongs to the genre of traditional puzzle games, and you move from one level to another by assembling the whole picture.


Naruto Mosaic is a very simple game, but it offers a good enough number of levels to keep you busy. Each level contains artwork with familiar Naruto characters. The background music is simple and atmospheric. As you pass levels and move forward, there is a clear feeling of progression.

Here are the characteristic features of this free puzzle game:

  • many different levels
  • all of the popular Naruto characters
  • colorful backgrounds
  • atmospheric music
  • simple and relaxing

It's worth stating that the game mechanics are not particularly hard. It is simple enough to get started right away. This game is a good choice if you don't want to occupy yourself with complex, elaborate game mechanics. If you're tired or want to dabble with something simple and unsophisticated, Naruto Mosaic can do the job.


Naruto Mosaic is a good time killer for all fans of the series. It is lightweight, fun and effortless, but good enough to spend some of your time with. The game really reminds the player of Naruto. It's recommended if you're a Naruto fan and you're looking for a casual, relaxing game experience.

Software Product Description

Free puzzle game for fans of Naruto.