Naughty Fire 1.0      

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Release Date:   2020-09-09

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OS:  Windows 7/8/8.1/10

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Reviewed on September 09, 2020

Destroy your enemies, avoid the fire, and rescue hostages in this free arcade game.

We're all a little bit afraid of fire, let's be honest. This game Naughty Fire plays on these fears but allows you to be a hero. Your job is to rescue hostages while defeating enemies.

Fire and Ice Weapons

You have an arsenal at your disposal. Your ice will temporarily disable the enemy. Once disabled, you can easily destroy them. However, remember to permanently kill your enemy or the character will get mad and come after you. In addition to eliminating your enemies, you also have to be wary of the fire. This combination of strategies makes for fun and addicting game play.

Regarding your ice weapon, the ammo supply is not unlimited, so be cautious of the amount you use. As you progress through each level, there are aids available to re-supply your ammo so that you can continue your exciting journey.

A Little Like PacMan

This is a bit like that old-style arcade game. There are obstacles to be had and you have to run back and forth, just like in PacMan. This game is different in that you'll be rescuing hostages while simultaneously eliminating the baddies - much more fun to be had.


With 30 levels and 9 bonuses, the game does have an imagined end in sight. In the meantime, you can vanquish your enemies and have fun mastering the game.

Software Product Description

Eliminate your enemies while trying to rescue hostages.