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Release Date:   2010-09-14

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Software Product Description

NeoTextureEdit is an open source (GNU LGPL v.3) easy to use graph-based procedural seamless texture editor. Using continuous basis functions it can generate arbitrary resolution images without quality degradation.

Its main purpose is to produce high quality textures for real time rendering applications that can be stored in a few kB and synthesized on application startup. But it can also be used to generate off-line images.


  • Graph-Based UI with constant preview of all texture parts
  • Several base Patterns: Improved Perlin Noise, Worley Cellular, Brick, Checker, ...
  • Easy to use Gradient Editor to colorize your textures
  • Several Filters to create and mix your textures: Blend, Normal Map, Emboss, Warp, ...
  • Export of texture into an arbitrary resolution image
  • Efficient caching system that allows responsive editing even in large graph networks.

Requires Java Runtime Environment. Get It Here.