Nero General Clean Tool      

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Release Date:   2010-01-05

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OS:  Win 9x/ME/NT/2K/XP/2K3/Vista/7

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Software Product Description

Use Nero CleanTool to delete all Nero entries from your system. In some cases it can occur that you have to uninstall Nero or Nero related software (i.e. InCD...). Please use Nero General Clean Tool to do that and afterwards download and install the latest version of Nero software you were using.

To use Nero General Clean Tool:

  • Double-click on the unzipped EXE-file to start the CleanTool. The window 'Nero General Clean Tool' will open. The installed Nero version will be displayed.
  • Activate the checkboxes in the displayed Nero version.
  • Then click the 'Clean' button. A status window will open. The execution of the tool may take several minutes.
  • Please wait until the progress bar has moved completely to the right.
  • In the window 'Nero General Clean Tool' click the 'Exit' button as soon as the erasing procedure is completed.
  • Reboot your computer. The Nero CleanTool has removed all Nero entries from your computer.
InCD 3.xx and InCD 4.xx can be removed completely under Win 9xx after a reboot. Also all the Plugins are removed with this tool. Please make sure you have saved these files so you can re-install them afterwards.

Nero General Clean Tool recognizes if a program is still running and requests a shut down and it can remove files after a reboot in case they are still in use. You are able to execute the Nero General Clean Tool even when you have to start your computer in "Safe Mode".


"didn't do anythig"

Reviewer: -a

Review Date: 2015-05-14

Pros: couldn't find any

Cons: wasted time finding , installing, NeroCleanTool5.0.0.18. it not only didn't uninstall nero but told me that if found no nero of any kind on my computer, yet all the nero 10 still in my list of installed programs.

Other Thoughts: This piece of crap program (nero)came with my windows 7 install disk and never gives a complete use of nero 10. you could Could only watch slide shows, and dvds. That is if it could find the codec needed. Which it couldn't most of the time. Shame on you Microsoft for allowing this to be put on your operating disk!!!!!!!! I think I will have to do a clean install of a newly formatted hard drive to really get rid of nero.


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